Prom season has arrived, and you probably already know that it’s a big deal. In recent years, prom spending has skyrocketed, with the average US family shelling out close to $1,000 to prepare their teen for the big night.

The preparations can be intense. Many teens are worried about finding a good date, planning the perfect promposal, scoping out the perfect dress or tux and most recently, buying a… croissant? 

Yes, a croissant. A meme about mixing up the word corsage with the beloved French pastry has inspired some prom couples to forgo the traditional flowers altogether in favor of something a bit more edible. Here’s a closer look at this delicious trend.

It All Started with a Tweet

The meme began when Sophie Martini received a text from her prom date, Rocky Rentería. “Do I have to buy a croissant,” he wanted to know. Sophie gently corrected the mistake before posting the whole misunderstanding on Twitter for the Internet to enjoy, as one does. 

The honest mix up soon went viral on Twitter – Sophie’s tweet has racked up over 12,000 retweets since she posted it on April 30th. Her situation isn’t unique, either. More girls have turned to social media to come forward with their own hilarious corsage situations. 

It's truly the thought that counts. 

The Best of the Croissant Trend

Some of these teens actually went through with their dreams of prom pastries, and the results are awesome. Check out the blue flowers on the creation above. No lie, it looks pretty chic.

This couple is clearly killing it. The warm, golden brown color of the croissant coordinates well with their pale pink color scheme.

This one is literally just a croissant, but hey, sometimes less is really more. Especially when less is a freshly baked pastry attached to your wrist. 

What about the Couple That Started It All?

Sophie and Rocky, the prom duo that blessed us with this buttery, flaky trend, also embraced the croissant corsage with open arms. Rocky did in fact get his date a croissant, which the pair used in a lovely photo shoot before eating the pastry. Ladies and gentlemen, romance isn’t dead.

Like most Internet memes, the croissant trend will likely fade out as people move on to the next viral sensation. On the other hand, food trends at prom seem to be turning into a theme: check out Olivia Mears, the designer who created a pizza-inspired prom dress.

Mears’ creation even won a grand prize in Domino’s Piece of the Pie contest. Slay, queen, slay.