I believe that a hot cup of tea can fix almost anything. As the cold season is finally wrapping up, and midterms loom over us, I have once again rediscovered my incredible obsession with tea. No matter how I'm feeling, or what I'm doing, I've realized that DAVIDsTEA seems to have a blend for every mood and every problem. I swear, their teas are magic. Curious? Here are some of my favourite DAVIDsTEA products to solve all your problems.

1. Can't Focus?

Not being able to focus is a super common problem that most students face, especially around midterm season. "Gaba Guava" tea is specially designed with GABA tea to boost focus and brain function! It's fruity blend of ripe guava, coconut and pineapple is energizing for your brain, and packed with flavour to excite your taste buds.

2. Not Catching Enough Zzz's? 

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Have no fear! David's Tea is here! Grab a cup of "Mother's Little Helper" tea and get ready to drift off to dream land. This tea uses "natures valium" (Valerian) as it's sleep ingredient, as well as a blend of chamomile, lemongrass and peppermint for extra peace and calm. Take it from a tea lover; this one does the trick.

#SpoonTip: this tea is kosher, organic and vegan!

3. Find Your Inner Peace

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Breathe in, breathe out, and take a sip of tea. David's Tea has your back once again, helping you calm down and steep your stress away. Make a cup of "Buddha Blend" and enjoy the cross flavours of white and green tea, with a hint of hibiscus blossoms and jasmine pearls. It'll have you relaxing in no time!

#SpoonTip: this tea is vegan!

4. Feel Yourself Dragging?

Bump up that energy and get your butt into study mode with David's Tea "The Buzz". This tea uses guarana, matcha and yerba mate to bring you a stimulating kick to get those energy levels up, up, up! Brew a cup and take it on the go to the library, the gym, work, or those nasty 8:30 classes...

#SpoonTip: this tea is kosher and vegan!

5. Need A Beauty Boost?

Is the mirror on the wall showing the un-fairest of them all? No worries! Just grab a cup of "Forever Flawless" tea and get ready to transform! Not really, but this tea will boost shine in your skin and hair, using 'complexion saving ingredients' such as green tea and rosehips. Brew a cup of this supertonic that'll make you look good and feel even better. 

6. Body Out of Whack?

"Probiotea" is your new best friend if you're feeling a little off. It contains probiotics which help you maintain and support digestion and immunity. It's delicious blend of mint, sarsaparilla and vanilla tastes even better than your vegetables, and will be making your tastebuds and your tummy scream for more!

#SpoonTip: this tea is vegan!

So no matter the weather, the mood, stress level or the problem, David's Tea is here to be your knight in shining armour. Grab a mug, a "perfect spoon" and any of their many teas, to sit back and relax.

As for me? I'm definitely grabbing a cup of "The Buzz" and heading back to Stauffer Library...