The semester is almost over, and that can only mean one thing: finals. We'll all be studying in the library for hours, sleeping on our couches, and drinking coffee to keep our eyes opened. Having delicious snacks as well as healthy fruits and veggies around us for study breaks is essential to help reboot our brains and keep us energized. 

Fun fact to help with the studying motivation: did you know that studying makes you hungry, because you lose calories while studying? When I took a nutrition class, my professor told us this and I couldn't believe it! A college student can lose around 60 to 100 calories while they are studying, reading, writing, or typing. Amazing! 

To help replenish those studying calories, here are my top 10 snacks to eat while hitting the books during finals week. They are a combination of both sticky & sweet, and healthy & nutritious. Hopefully they can guarantee an A on that final! 

1. M&Ms

Christin Urso

Although we should be having some healthy fruits and vegetables to snack on, having M&Ms during finals week will make us feel content, and it will definitely keep our taste buds happy. M&Ms are satisfying, affordable, and easy to carry in ones bag. They will definitely satisfy those late night chocolate cravings. 

2. Carrots and Hummus 

dairy product, cream, sweet, milk
Kendra Valkema

Carrots and hummus is the perfect combination of healthy and delicious. Grab a small pack of hummus and some baby carrots, and you are ready to hit the books! This crunchy and salty snack will keep you satisfied for hours, as well as provide lots of vitamins and minerals to help keep that finals week health at tip-top shape.

3. Apples with Peanut Butter

Hunter Honeg

Apples are the solution to everything, right? Apples are filled with antioxidants as well as dietary fiber, and combining them with some almond butter or peanut butter on top is the perfect studying treat. With this tasty combination of sweet and salty, you won't stop eating these apples all night. 

4. Cereal 

corn, cereal, candy, sweet
Kristine Mahan

I personally love to study while eating a bowl of cereal. My top three favorite cereals are Life Original, Chocolate Cheerios, and Fruit Loops. Don't forget to drink a cup of chocolate milk while you are enjoying your cereal! Cereals aren't just a breakfast food anymore.

5. Cashews

cashew, nut
Kristine Mahan

Cashews, and any other type of nut, such as almonds or pistachios, are the perfect snack any time of the day, but even better when studying. Cashews are filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Buy your favorite cashews, either salted, chocolate covered, or spicy. Yum!

6. Donuts

doughnut, chocolate, sprinkles
Colleen Kilburn

Grab a box of fresh, warm donuts and take them to the study room so you and your friends can enjoy a sugary treat. There's nothing a big fried o-shaped piece of dough can't fix! Tip: go for the chocolate ones. 

7. Popcorn 

popcorn, corn, salt, caramel, cereal, butter, kettle corn
Sara Carte

Who doesn't love a bowl of popcorn? Popcorn is the perfect snack to eat in the library because it is soft and doesn't make any noise when you eat it. Plus, it adds the perfect crunch to the palate and satisfies those savory cravings. Feel free to mix in some Chex Mix for added deliciousness. 

8. Mangoes

mango, mangos, Fruit, Healthy, fruits, eating mango
Jocelyn Hsu

Mangoes are the perfect snack to eat during finals week, not only because they taste super delicious and are incredibly beneficial to our bodies, but because they totally have the tropical vibes going for them, reminding you that summer vacation is almost here! Eating mango is the perfect studying motivation, as you can see.

9. Oreos

chocolate, candy, sweet, milk, milk chocolate, cream, cookie, Oreos, Cookies
Anna Arteaga

Having Oreos while finishing a last minute project or essay will remind you of those old Kindergarten days. It's crazy that nowadays there are hundreds of different flavored Oreos: birthday cake, banana split, cookie dough...the list goes on and on! Grab your favorite and munch on them as you test yourself.

10. Chickpeas

vegetable, cereal, legume, meat, pea, chickpeas, garbanzo, corn
Christin Urso

My latest favorite snack are chickpeas. I buy the The Good Bean Sea Salt Chickpeas, and they are crunchy, salty, and let's not forget about addicting! They provide lots of fiber and minerals, and are the perfect brain fuel to keep your stomach full and happy for hours. 

I don't think anyone can get through finals week without food, so I really hope this lists helps you narrow down the list when thinking of what to get. Whether or not you choose to munch on these snacks, I wish you the best of luck on finals!