The Cheesecake Factory has just added 13 brand new menu items, and let me tell just say that you need to try them. While I’ve always been a big fan of Cheesecake, their new menu items will have you straying away from your go-to meal choices. Here's the full list:

- Baked Rigatoni

- Caramel Apple Pancakes

- Carolina Grilled Salmon- Cauliflower Tacos

- Classic Italian Trio

- French Dip Cheeseburger

- Korean Fried Chicken

- Pan-Roasted Chicken

- Sweet Potato Enchiladas

- Grapefruit Cosmopolitan

- Key Lime Martini

- Pineapple Mescal

- Strawberry Infused Margarita

How do you go about trying all 13 new menu items? Well, I’m no expert, but I’ll highlight some of my personal favorites. Whether you take my recommendations or try something else, you are sure to love these new menu items from The Cheesecake Factory. 

French Dip Cheeseburger

Maddie Hiatt

This new French Dip Burger caught my eye and I had to try it. I’m so glad I did, because it’s my new favorite non-pasta dish at TCF. This burger is served on a toasted brioche roll and comes with a side of au jus for dipping. Don’t sleep on this one

Classic Italian Trio

Maddie Hiatt

The Classic Italian Trio is perfect for people like me who *literally* can’t make up their minds, and with this dish, you don’t have to. Pro-tip this goes great with the Avocado Eggrolls.

Baked Rigatoni

Maddie Hiatt

This Baked Rigatoni comes layered with Mozzarella, Fontina, Parmesan Cheese and is covered in chicken bolognese sauce--what’s not to love? If you try this new dish just be prepared to take some home because there’s a lot of pasta here.