New year, new social media goals. It's 2019, and that means we have one more year of experience posting on Insta (ha-ha). Many of us foodies are serious when it comes to photographing our food, even if we're just using an iPhone. We love to eat all the food, but some are just admittedly prettier. If you live in Minnesota, the following Instagrammable Twin Cities dishes make it easy to make your feed look flawless. 

24k Gold Latte at Cafe Astoria

Cafe Astoria has so many Instagrammable options, but this latte has to be the bougiest. Its gold flakes skimming the surface are a happy addition to your morning latte. It's technically on the secret menu, but everyone asks for it. Many other options at Cafe Astoria are picture perfect too, so don't hesitate to go back and try something different for more Insta-worthy pics. 

Cones at MN Nice Cream

MN Nice Cream goes to extraordinary lengths to provide the prettiest soft serve you'll ever find. While they are known for their edible glitter on any ice cream order you make, they also have seasonal options too. This cone for Dia de los Muertos has a detailed skull sugar cookie, a white and dark chocolate skull cookie mold, a toasted s'mores cone, strawberries and sprinkles to top if off.

Other additions to ice cream they've had in the past are rainbow cones, donuts on a stick, cinnamon rolls as cones, torched marshmallows on a stick, and more. They used to only be a food truck, but now they have a beautiful brick and mortar with a striped wall for the perfect backdrop for your photo. 

Naked Dani Drink at Colita

While Colita is a relatively new restaurant, this drink has been extremely popular on the Twin Cities food scene. Whisk your followers out of their bathtub and into the dining room via this rubber ducky in this whimsical drink. 

Jucy Lucy from Matt's Bar 

The iconic Jucy Lucy from the Twin Cities is always gonna make a great photo or video, if you can capture the cheesy magic that spills out as you bite. Find the original at Matt's Bar, or some argue the 5-8 Club; otherwise alternative Jucy Lucy options are available all over the Twin Cities, like at Blue Door Pub or the Nook. 

Crepes from Penny's Coffee

Rachael Springman

Both Penny's Coffee locations are beautiful on the inside, and the crepes they make are too. The Banana Nutella Crepe is all sorts of beautiful, whether it comes to the artfully sprinkled powdered sugar or the delicately slathered Nutella on the side. 

Crepe Cake at Bellecour

This dish takes the cake, literally. The caramelized top layer of the crepes creates a beautiful golden brown crunch, and the berries bring a pop of color. Stacks on stacks of crepes make this towering bakery item something everyone would envy. Bellecour is extremely popular though, so make sure you make reservations to get your chance with this cake!

Even if you are still working on your food photography skills, these Instagrammable Twin Cities dishes are the perfect place to start. Their natural beauty will make your Insta feed gorgeous, and lets you eat some delectable food in the process.