Thanksgiving break is going to be here sooner than we know it, and we could not be more excited. A holiday dedicated to feeling grateful and sampling countless fall dishes sounds exactly like our ideal day. For anyone not heading home over the holiday, Friendsgiving is there to make sure you're still spending time with those you love. While baking a warm pumpkin pie and fresh chocolate chip cookies sounds nice, some of us aren't that skilled in the kitchen. That's why we've compiled this list of our favorite healthy desserts to make sure you have the easiest Friendsgiving possible. Better yet, these healthy desserts won't leave you feeling weighed down- so you can try as many dishes as possible on this amazing holiday. Have a happy, healthy Friendsgiving this year!

Hail Merry

"Mind-Blowing Indulgence from Clean and Fresh Plant Based Ingredients" is Hail Merry's tagline, and that certainly sums up these little treats. You might know Hail Merry for their bite-sized dessert cups, for which they have a variety of flavors, however they also have other delicious desserts. We decided to do a taste test in preparation for Friendsgiving this year- and we found some favorites.

Riva Cooper

In perfect time for the holidays, Hail Merry offers mini sweet potato cups reminiscent of a bite-sized pumpkin pie, with warm cinnamon spices and luscious coconut. Buy a few packs and lay them out on a platter, and watch your friends devour them. They're the perfect size, post-indulgent Thanksgiving meal. We also loved the chocolate mint tart to fulfill our fudgey chocolate dreams. We cut it up into bite-sized wedges thinking we would have a slice each, and then proceeded to finish the whole thing. Our recommendation: buy more than you think you need. Lastly we tried their cookie dough bites with mini chocolate chips. These reminded us of Christmas cookies for Santa, so we're saving these for our next Christmas party! 

Delighted by Dessert Hummus

I'll be honest, I was skeptical when I heard about dessert hummus, but when I heard Delighted by Dessert was being sold at our local Target, I knew I had to try it. After tasting it, I was blow away by how delicious it is. The snickerdoodle flavor in particular is my new favorite. When I think of snickerdoodles, I often think of a sickeningly sweet sugar cookie. This hummus is not that. Each flavor has just the right amount of sweetness to make you forget you're eating chickpeas, while still being low enough in sugar to eat it at breakfast. For Friendsgiving we suggest serving it as is with sweet potato wedges or fruits on the side, or using it as frosting for cake or cupcakes! For the holidays they have a Pumpkin Pie flavor that can be used as the fastest pumpkin pie filling ever.

Riva Cooper

Base Culture

Base Culture makes the best paleo baked goods. Period. Their products are amazingly moist like many paleo goods, but they are also well-risen and fluffy like their traditional counterparts. Their nutty pumpkin bread is perfect for Friendsgiving, and no one will know it's not homemade. On the slim chance that there are any leftovers, I recommend sticking a slice in the toaster oven for a few minutes and then slathering it with their cinnamon or gingerbread almond butter. Base Culture also makes fluffy and rich chocolate brownies. I'm bringing their peppermint cocoa brownie to my Friendsgiving, because it's never too soon to start celebrating Christmas. 

Ariana Pergola

These desserts are sure to make your Friendsgiving SO much easier. You will be grateful that these products exist, and your friends will be grateful of YOU! 

Happy Holidays!