At times, college life can feel like a vicious cycle of late night studying and ramen cup noodles, leaving you craving home cooked meals and your next break from school. Sometimes, you just need a little vacation from boring cafeteria food. These snacks, with a tropical twist, can provide the escape you need. In fact, you might even feel as though you’re lounging on a beach in your own personal paradise.

Hawaii is known for having unique foods, created through the “melting pot” of cultures and customs that make up the islands. However, with a little creativity you can enjoy some of these foods wherever you are.

You might not be able to afford a trip to Hawaii, but you can definitely eat as though you’re there, as most of the ingredients for these snacks can be found in the Cellar or your local grocery store.

1. Acai bowl


Photo by Makaya Pratt

Tired of eating a bland breakfast of oatmeal and cereal? Acai is one of the trendiest breakfast foods out there. Acai bowls are also one of the easiest breafasts, you just need frozen acai packets, fresh fruit, granola, honey, and cacao nibs.

Not only are they bursting with antioxidants, acai bowls full of colorful, pretty ingredients also have the aesthetic worthy of an Instagram post. Best part of this tropical treat? You’re basically eating dessert for breakfast.  Get a in-depth recipe to make your own acai bowl here.

2. Saimin


Photo by Justin Shannin

If ramen noodles really are your only choice, spice it up by slicing spam and cracking a raw egg into your bowl of noodles as they boil. The heat of the ramen broth will simmer your spam and egg to delicious perfection. Voila, you have the local Hawaiian secret to curing your late night drunchies.

3. Lazy man’s Spam Musubi


Photo by Mike Mozart

Spam Musubis are a staple in Hawaii, the easiest and tastiest snack or lunch food to make. If you don’t have the time or effort to shape and wrap the musubis, just heat up some white rice and layer sliced spam and dried seaweed on top. But if you’re feeling like a sushi chef, learn how to make your own spam musubis here.

4. Hurricane popcorn


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Make your Netflix night a little more interesting by adding melted butter, furikake (roasted seaweed bits and toasted sesame seeds) and a dash of sugar to your popcorn. Then shake it up for a fun snack ubiquitous to Hawaii.

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