Sundays are pretty much the agreed upon worst day of the week. Cravings intensify and there is nothing that can be done except to give in. But a meal isn’t quite what your stomach or your brain is looking for. You want a snack that will combat your hunger, boredom, and stress.

These Sunday night snacks are simple and easy because no one wants to spend hours slaving over a hot oven just to fulfill a depressed Sunday craving. And after a pricey weekend, a cheap snack is always better than an expensive one. This is not the time for truffle oil lasagna or two huge pizzas from the local pizzeria. This is the time for a satisfying, yet simple, snack.

1. Nutella with Anything

Sunday night snacks

Photo by Daniah Mohammed

Most foods work with Nutella because it is the nectar of the Gods. Pretzels are ideal; nothing can beat the salty sweet combination that comes from chocolate and pretzels. Or you could slightly melt the spread and drizzle on popcorn, dip strawberries or bananas in it, or put it on lettuce or cardboard and Nutella will still be a phenomenal snack.

2. Mac and Cheese

Sunday night snacks

Photo by Kirby Barth

Cheese solves all problems, so why stop at one kind of cheese? Throw a couple different types of cheese into your macaroni to cure any sadness after a too short weekend.

3. Nachos with Guacamole

Sunday night snacks

Photo by Jeannine Wells

It is scientifically proven (maybe) that no one can be sad when eating guacamole. When combined with layers of cheese and tortilla chips, it is the perfect combination of salty and saltier. Making guacamole might be daunting but you can either buy the dip pre-made or easily make it yourself.

4. Wings

Sunday night snacks

Photo by Kelda Baljon

Spicy, meaty, saucy; the adjectives go on and on. Whether you prefer bone in or boneless wings, the tasty meat treat can be paired perfectly with many sauces, dressings, and veggies. Get them frozen or DIY the wings with this piece of cake recipe.

5. S’mores

Sunday night snacks

Photo by Rachel Labarre

The mix of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker is what dreams are made of. Chocolate is always a go to choice when it comes to making people feel happy but there is something special about s’mores that will destroy the Sunday blues. They are easy to make in the oven; no bonfire required.

6. Grilled Cheese with Bacon

Sunday night snacks

Photo by Nicole Souza

Grilled cheese sandwiches are good. No dispute there. But when salty, crisp bacon is layered between creamy, gooey cheese and toasted bread, something magical happens. Pro tip: toast the bread in butter before putting the sandwich together.

7. French Fries

Sunday night snacks

Photo by Jackie Falkenberg

For the carb lover, the vegetable lover, and the all-around food lover, sliced, fried potatoes are the way to go. Add bacon, ketchup, sour cream, and/or chives to elevate the experience. Roasting potatoes in the oven is a good way to save calories and money, but hitting up the local drive through isn’t a bad idea either to truly stop the end-of-the-weekend blues in their tracks.

So on Sundays, don’t give into the overwhelming emotions and reach for something boring like ice cream. Instead, make one of these snacks to combat your Sunday sadness.

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