As college students, discounts, coupons, and free food specials are our second calling. Dining hall food and microwaved meals can grow old really fast, and it's nice to eat out every so often, but eating out every day is the fastest way to break the bank. Being a part of an easy sign-up, simple restaurant rewards program can save you a ton of money in the long run, and the rewards add up quickly. How do you know which restaurant rewards programs are legitimate, and which ones are just useless accounts that add to your email spam? 

These 10 following rewards programs offer loyal customers some pretty sweet deals, from BOGO and discounted menu items, to completely free offers — all you need to do is sign up. 

1. Einstein Bros.

Welcome to the Shmear Society, the Einstein Bros. rewards program where you earn a FREE bagel and shmear just for signing up. What follows that? BOGO egg sandwiches, $2 off Tuesdays, free coffee, surprise coupons on the weekends just because, and a free egg sandwich on your birthday! The offers are endless, and with these unbeatable weekly deals, you'll have an excuse to eat Einstein's every week.

2. Jamba Juice

Who doesn't love flavorful, Instagram-worthy smoothies filled with the freshest ingredients? With all these colorful and nutritious options, it's so easy to be lured into Jamba Juice on the way to class. But eating healthy can get expensive fast —that's why signing up for the Jamba Juice Insider Rewards is the perfect way to shamelessly splurge on your healthy breakfast (or snack).

You get $3 off any item just for signing up, and you only need 35 points to earn your next discount. On top of that, you get small daily discounts, personalized offers, and a free drink on your birthday. 

3. Panera Bread

Who doesn't love Panera's creamy soups, refreshing salads, unique sandwiches, famous mac'n'cheese, and their variety of teas and pastries? Joining the MyPanera Rewards program is the fastest way to save money at Panera Bread, and you earn a free pastry as soon as you sign up. From there, you can earn discounted meals, personalized offers, and score some pretty sweet invites for free coffee and bagels throughout the month. The more you visit and swipe your member card, the more you earn.

4. Starbucks

Almost everyone knows about this popular coffee chain's rewards program, yet many doubt its worth. If you're going to spend $5 on coffee, you might as well earn that money back in the form of any free drink or food item of your choice.

Earn two points for every dollar spent, a free item every 125 stars, a free drink or food item just for signing up, free birthday drink, and free tea and coffee refills in-store once you reach Gold level. Plus, you'll be the first to hear about the newest products and specials going on.

5. Raising Cane's

If you want a free dinner, ask for a Caniac Club card the next time you're at Cane's and earn a free box combo just for signing up. That's an entire meal for zero cost! Just order and swipe your card when you checkout.

After that initial offer, you can earn points toward more free meals, get discounted food and free drink offers, and earn special rewards on your birthday and membership anniversary. But the rewards don't stop there — gain exclusive access to member-only drawings and giveaways for concert and sporting event tickets, as well as Caniac gear.

6. Dunkin' Donuts

America runs on Dunkin', and so will you. Join DD Perks for a free beverage when you first sign up. You'll also get a free drink on your birthday as well as for every 200 points you earn. But the joy doesn't end there. Members receive special offers and discounts on favorite items, as well as extra treats and goodies "just for being you." 

7. P.F. Chang's  

So corporate Chinese food may not be the most ideal thing, but P.F. Chang's offers some pretty amazing deals if you sign up to be a P.F. Chang's Preferred member. You earn 1,000 points just for signing up (halfway to getting yourself a FREE entree), and 10 points for every dollar spent makes it super easy to reach the goal.

On your birthday, you can choose any dessert or appetizer from the menu for free, and the restaurant offers great deals like free sushi day throughout the year. Members also gain exclusive access to the Chang's for 2 menu—a 4-course meal for two people for only $21 each.

8. Domino's Pizza

Pizza is an essential part of every college student's diet, so why not save money and get great deals all the time by becoming one of Domino's loyal customers? Create your pizza profile and take home a free pizza for every 60 points earned. You'll also get special offers and surprise deals like $1 cinnamon sticks or BOGO free meal deals. The pizza options are endless.

9. Qdoba

Did someone say free chips and salsa? Sign up for Qdoba Rewards and earn a free order of chips and salsa or a free drink at your next visit. After that, rack up your points to earn $2.00 chips and queso, monthly mystery perks, and free food. 

10. Halal Guys

Your first meal is 100 percent free after joining The Halal Guys Rewards program. Register your card and automatically earn a free platter and beverage without any other purchases. Then, receive special deals like 50 percent off coupons, birthday surprises, and access to exclusive giveaways, promotions, and goodies specifically for members. Every 50 points, your next platter is on them. 

Don't be fooled into signing up for useless rewards programs that hardly save you any money. These 10 best restaurants rewards programs will offer you amazing specials and rewards that you'll actually use. It's a deal worth spamming your inbox for.