Whether you’re super into biking, hiking, trail-running, swimming, wind-surfing, or just laying on your couch, we all have one thing in common: our love of toast. Whole wheat Dave’s Killer Bread people and Franz White Bread people can agree that it’s all about what’s on top that counts. Here’s exactly what kind of toast you should be eating, based on your workout.

1. Mountain Biking: Banana, Peanut Butter, and Cinnamon Toast


Photo by Grace Goettman

If you’re like me at all, your calves or some part of your body will most likely cramp up at some point during your ride. This bomb piece of toast will surely soothe your muscles.

Why: The potassium in the bananas will keep your body from cramping up after a long ride, as well as prevent any future cramping. Peanut butter, although known for its protein, is also packed with a ton of other beneficial nutrients such as fiber and healthy fats. Cinnamon not only tastes adds a little bit of a pop, but is also one of the healthiest spices.

2. Trail Running: Strawberry Honey Ricotta Toast


Photo by Daniel Schuleman

When I see the words trail running my mind automatically thinks: “treat yoself.” Make this strawberry honey ricotta toast and you will be treating yourself in a way that gives your body all of the energy it needs to continue on with the day while satisfying your tastebuds without feeling bad about it after.

Why: Strawberries, as well as honey, are full of antioxidants, and will give you the little all natural sugar boost. Ricotta, being one of the lightest cheeses, (and Mediterranean diet-approved) will give you the protein your body needs without making you feel heavy and sluggish. Sweet and good-for-you are my two favorite combinations.

3. Hiking: Egg and Avocado Toast


Photo by Katie Luchette

This egg and avocado toast in itself is a reason to go hiking. If you’re anything like me, you will do anything to feel good about eating nine pieces of avocado toast, even if that means a little hiking, because it’s so WORTH IT.

Why: This piece of toast is the definition of post-workout perfection. Eggs are known for being protein-packed, which is key to staying full and satisfied until your next meal or snack. Avocados give you the healthy fat your body craves and needs after a hard workout. Plus, you’ll look super trendy because avo and toast are all the rage these days.

4. Rock Climbing: Coconut Butter, Honey, and Almond Toast


Photo courtesy of topwithcinnamon.com

I know you’ve probably heard all of the obsession with coconut oil, but little does everyone know that it has an even more delicious sister by the name of coconut butter. It tastes almost like a sugar-packed dessert, so this toast will make you feel like you’re indulging without the guilt.

Why: Due to the fact rock climbing is not only physically but also mentally exhausting, you deserve to eat some super delicious, coconutty goodness. Similar to avocado, coconut butter is full of healthy fats that will help make you feel full for longer while satisfying your sweet tooth.

Almonds will give you the protein that your body desperately needs after using all of the muscles in your body to climb up rock walls. Honey controls your blood sugar levels, too, which comes in clutch when you eat your naturally sweet coconut butter and want to avoid the sugar high or crash.

5. Skiing or Snowboarding: Smoked Salmon, Hummus, and Cucumber Toast


Photo courtesy of Andrew Purcell

If you need a little snack prior to the burger you should be eating after a long, cold day on the mountain, try this twist on toast. Separately, smoked salmon, hummus, and cucumbers are three of my most favorite things. Together, they’re even better. The saltiness of the salmon paired with the creaminess of the hummus and the freshness of cucumber is the perfect combination and will surely satisfy you.

Why: Salmon and hummus are proteins that your whole body needs that your whole body needs to rebuild muscle after a long day of being outdoors. Cucumbers will help rehydrate you and are also packed with vitamin B to give you natural energy.