I had the pleasure to sit down with Dr. Porterfield, to chat with him about some of his food habits on and off campus. Here’s what I found out:

AS: What do you eat for breakfast every morning?

Dr. P: I eat on the run! I always begin my day with a hot cup of coffee, read my email and newspapers, and wish my Facebook friends a happy birthday, all while drinking a self-made kale power smoothie or having a bowl of Special-K Berries cereal with fruit. I try “mightily” to avoid doughnuts and only eat bagels, which I love, at college house breakfasts, which is a grand total of 5 bagels a semester.

AS: Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?

Dr. P: I worship Starbucks. Religiously. On the way to work I drive to Starbucks and procure 4 shots of espresso over ice in a grande cup, to which I add a dollop of half and half. I nurture the espresso over ice throughout the morning and let me remind you that it is low calorie and has less caffeine than a cup of coffee.

AS: How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?

Dr. P: I drink 4 cups of coffee and 4 shots of espresso between the hours of 6am and 5pm, but never at night. Then I have decaf green tea or mint tea. I would like to remind the readers that espresso has less caffeine than coffee and that a mug of coffee contains 2 cups, not 1.

AS: What do you eat for lunch on campus?

Dr. P: Lunch is my weakest meal and I feel a little guilty answering this question… I have a fridge in my office that contains 3 key lime Chobani Greek yogurts inside, which I eat during the day. Except when I have meetings that require a sit down lunch and I’ll always order a grilled chicken salad or a grilled ahi tuna salad; these meetings are usually held at Iron Hill or Checkers.

AS: Who usually cooks in your house?

Dr. P: I must confess that I am not an experienced cook. My wife will often do the cooking unless we get carry out. She makes amazing grilled salmon, pasta, and Mexican meals. She thinks a lot about making sure that our meals have high nutritional value and are not laden with sodium and sugar. Her job is as busy as mine is and it is incredible what she can do in 10 or 15 minutes in the kitchen.

AS: What is your favorite place to carry out?

Dr. P: Oka and Chipotle…Chipotle brings tears to my eyes, I love it so much. I could eat a chipotle sofritas burrito bowl for every meal of the day.

AS: So, are you a vegetarian?

Dr. P: I do not eat 4-legged creatures. Years ago I came to the fast conclusion that it takes a lot of grain to make a cow and that if I could wean myself from beef I might be both healthier and symbolically contribute to more environmentaly friendly food production. The last 4-legged creature I ate was a foot-long hot dog in a standup hot-dog stand in Prague during the communist era. When I cut into the hot dog, I found a piece of the pig’s snout and that was a sign from the food gods that it was time to transition.

AS: Is there a certain meal that is prepared during a special occasion?

Dr. P: On Christmas Eve, we pay tribute to my wife’s Ukrainian ancestors. That includes a teaspoon of honey, so we will be sweet all year, a bite of garlic, so that we’ll stay health, and a shot of whiskey, so that we will be strong. We do these things along with having a plate of pierogis with unleavened bread like they ate in the old country. Before the meal we wash our face with a silver dollar in the hopes that we will win the lottery.

AS: If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

Dr. P: Ice cream. Mint chocolate chip, objectively the best, not an opinion. I have a massive sweet tooth, constantly trying not to eat more sugar than needed. I love most flavors of ice cream, virtually every kind of pie, cheesecake, chocolate in all forms, and Halloween candy. Unfortunately, I eat that sort of food for quick energy or in an unreflective response to stress. I think we should all enjoy our food and not feel guilty about what we like, but it is good to enjoy some foods in moderation, and I try.

AS: What is your favorite restaurant in Lancaster?

Dr. P: I love Baker’s Table because it has awesome desserts, great French press coffee, and a wonderful space to read or type emails.

AS: Do you have a specific date night restaurant?

Dr. P: Himalayan Curry and Grill. My wife and I really enjoy curries, naan bread, and family restaurants — Himalayan brings it all together deliciously.