Late-night study sessions are a college staple. Everyone does them, some more than others, and most people rely on the good stuff (coffee) to keep them awake during those note-taking binges. 

If desperation for an A ever gets the best of the students at the University of Adelaide in Australia, they can now try Viscous Coffee's newest concoction, "The Asskicker." For $16 AUD (around $12 USD) they can get some serious caffeine kicks. "The Asskicker" is brewed using four different types of coffee. It's made with four shots of espresso, cold drip ice cubes, and cold drip coffee.

Although there's around 40 milligrams of caffeine in a shot of espresso, and around 95 milligrams in an 8-ounce cup of coffee, "The Asskicker" has almost 5 grams of caffeine in it. That's 50 times the amount of caffeine that a cup of coffee has, and 80 times the amount that an espresso shot contains, just to put it in perspective.

Due to the high amounts of caffeine in the drink, it was designed to be consumed over the course of a few hours, and some who've consumed it have stayed up for 18 hours. The massive amounts of caffeine in "The Asskicker" further extends the amount of sleep disruption caused by coffee. 

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"The Asskicker" is literally so strong that it comes with its own warning label. Doctors warn that 400 mg is the maximum amount of caffeine you can consume without suffering side effects. For those with certain medical conditions, doctors recommend consuming even less caffeine, especially for those with anxiety or heart problems.

For people with those types of conditions, caffeine consumption can be even more dangerous. Before attempting to consume "The Asskicker," everyone should be aware of the potential dangers of excessive caffeine consumption. 

If you think you're brave enough to take on "The Asskicker," head on over to Viscous Coffee and buy yourself a ticket to no-sleep city.