Theodore's located in Reynolda Village in Winston-Salem, NC opened for business on August 12, 2022. Husband and wife duo Eric Disch and Anna Margaret Roth, owners of Reynolda Village's popular coffee and doughnut shop Dough Joe's, opened up this new bar, restaurant, and market where Silo Bistro and Bar was located prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Theodore's restaurant offers a variety of soups, salads, snacks, and pastries baked at Dough Joe’s, just a short walk away. As a Wake Forest student who eats a primarily plant-based diet, I was excited at the prospect of a new restaurant with plenty of options, all a reasonable walking distance from campus. In addition, I was eager to explore this potential new space to do homework and gather with friends.

Upon walking in, I was met with the inviting and cozy, yet elegant interior design. The space resembles a French countryside look with its decor. Theodore's may be in Winston-Salem, but walking in you would not know that you were not somewhere Europe. Theodore's is filled with marvelous wood furniture, unique carpets, and trinkets galore. When looking for a seat, you will find that there is a place for everyone. There is a diversity of seating options both inside and outside, perfect for those looking to drink, eat, chat, and study. 

The market space was gorgeous as well. But beyond aesthetics, the market held its practicality. It was well stocked with plenty of goodies for those looking for additions to their kitchen. There were wines, napkins, baskets, cups, baking mixes, jams, crackers, and much more. 

As for the food, I was impressed. I ordered The Harvest sandwich with no cheese, no aioli, added tomato, and substituted the bread for sourdough. Theodore's was extremely accommodating, considering I altered The Harvest significantly. I was fearful my sandwich would taste dry and/or bland because I ordered it without cheese or aioli, but it was not at all. The bread of the sandwich was thin, but complemented the insides of the sandwich well. All of the vegetables inside were fresh and tasty. I really enjoyed how the tomatoes and the pickled onions prevented the sandwich from being too dry all while adding plenty of flavor. To top it off, the sandwich came with a side of homemade chips. They were perfectly crispy!

My only complaint is that the sandwich was on the smaller side. I only pictured half of the sandwich below, but even after eating the whole thing I found myself hungry for more. Those of you with larger appetites like myself may want to stop by Dough Joes for a sweet treat afterwards.

Collyn Ballentine

Overall, I would recommend Theodore's to anyone looking for a good sandwich spot. While I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and found my food to be delicious, I think it was hindered slightly by the fact that Theodore's does not cater to Vegans. I can imagine for those who eat meat and cheese, that Theodore's would provide for an even greater experience than I had. I am looking forward to coming back to grab a sandwich, do homework, and shop around the market.

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