The best advice I received prior to my freshman year at Temple was not to be afraid of the food trucks. There are so many different food trucks at Temple, all offering there own twists on sandwiches, breakfast meals, wraps and clubs! Some of the best food I ate came from food trucks and I hope that you'll be inspired to try at least one. If you need some inspiration as to which ones to try, you've come to the right place. Here are the best food trucks to try on Temple's campus before your freshman year ends!

The Crepe Truck

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Monica Mellon

Located right outside Tyler School of Art, the Creperie is the best place to get either a sweet or savory crepe. Do I really need to convince you to get a crepe? It's always the perfect time for a sweet, wonderful dessert crepe.

Halal Trucks

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Monica Mellon

They're everywhere. By the engineering building, outside the student center and right off of Liacouras walk. I promise, the halal food tastes as good as it smells. I totally recommend a gyro.

Richie's Lunch Box

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Monica Mellon

 The cutest little place to get the breakfast and lunch sandwiches! You can get an amazing lunches just like from elementary school right outside of Tyler. Richie's offers breakfast, wraps, salads and sandwiches.


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Monica Mellon

Located right outside of Presser Hall, you can find a huge variety of almost anything you could ask for. Breakfast, hoagies, sandwiches, wraps, even quesadillas!

Sexy Green Truck

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Monica Mellon

 The Sexy Green Truck is just as it sounds; great, healthy foods! Omelettes, clubs and sandwiches, panini's, and even some burgers. Sexy Green Truck is located next to the Student Center on 11th street, and is always there when you're too lazy to make your own omelette or panini! 

Chicken Heaven

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Monica Mellon

Chicken Heaven is my favorite food truck on campus. You can find it in between Alter Hall and Ritter Hall. The selection of breakfast and lunch is generally the same as most other food trucks, however, they have the best french fries on campus. I'm also a huge breakfast sandwich enthusiast. I have to say Chicken Heaven makes the best bacon egg and cheese sandwiches ever.

Food trucks are definitely the best way to experience and try new foods, even if you start with something you already like. Find the truck that makes the best chicken Caesar wrap and branch out from there! I definitely recccomned getting to as many trucks as possible and experiencing all the new foods you can!