Cookies are the type of dessert that you definitely cannot live without. They make a great snack and are (thankfully) easy to find in any convenience store. But when you have dietary restrictions, finding a suitable substitute for these wonderful melt-in-your-mouth creations can be difficult. Lenny & Larry have come to our rescue with their vegan and non-GMO protein cookies, called Complete Cookies. They are actually healthier cookies because they are quite high in protein, with each cookie containing 16 grams – but keep in mind that they also have around 24 grams of sugar each, which is almost the recommended amount of sugar that a healthy adult should consume per day. We decided to try most of the flavors and give you a review of The Complete Cookies, rated by taste so you know which ones are worth buying. 

Oatmeal Raisin: 5

Prepare yourself for a blast to the past with Lenny & Larry's Oatmeal Raisin Complete Cookie. Although its taste is reminiscent of Grandma's fresh-from-the-oven cookies you probably enjoyed as a kid, its sweetness was a little too overwhelming; it practically masked the classic raisin-y goodness we all know and love. I was slightly disappointed in that aspect, but considering the amount of protein this treat has to offer, that's something that could be easily overlooked if you were in need of a quick snack to bring with you to class.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip: 7

Peanut butter and chocolate are great when separate, but when they combine they make the morning time epic (creds to Reese's Puffs for that ~fire~ rhyme), as proven by the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Complete Cookie. The perfect ratio of each ingredient works in conjunction with the cookie's softness to deliver an inexpensive and dependable snack. The flavors are unfortunately pretty subtle for this one, but all in all, you can't ever go wrong with PB & C.

Lemon Poppy Seed: 8

Lemon poppy seed is already one of the most vibrant flavors around, so when I tried the Lemon Poppy Seed Complete Cookie, I was overjoyed by the result. The texture was dense but extremely gratifying. Its lemon tang was absolutely spot-on, and the cookie was so large that I got to savor it for a long time — it caused me to fill up exactly as the product intends. I admit that it does take your taste buds a couple bites to warm up to it, but once your tongue is acclimated, the rest goes down in Flavortown history.

Snickerdoodle: 8

Finding myself actually snatching for crumbs at the bottom of the packaging, I couldn't resist giving the Snickerdoodle Complete Cookie a high rating as well. The inside of it was super doughy, bringing me straight back to the winter holiday season where batches of gooey homemade snickerdoodles fill the kitchen. The sweetness level was balanced, but the cinnamon flavor was sadly lacking. If it had a more powerful cinnamon kick to it, this one would score a straight 10.

Peanut Butter: 8

I was worried about this one because it sounds pretty plain and boring, but the Peanut Butter Complete Cookie turned out to be one of my faves. The peanut butter flavor is very strong, and since it doesn't have any indulgent add-ins like the other flavors do, it's not super sweet. What I love the most about this one is the small pieces of peanuts that it has, which add a nice crunch to the soft cookie. This one is my favorite to snack on between classes because it feels healthier than the other ones. 

White Chocolate Macadamia: 9

When I took the first bite into the White Chocolate Macadamia Complete Cookie, I felt as if I was eating a fresh Subway cookie. The white chocolate chips go perfectly with the macadamia pieces because they are both creamy and sweet. This one is very indulgent, so instead of eating it as a snack, I would consider it dessert. So if you're a vegan and you miss Subway cookies, give this one a shot and cure your craving. 

Chocolate Chip: 7

Laura Subiaur

The Chocolate Chip Complete Cookie is very good, but it's definitely not my favorite chocolate chip cookie. I was expecting a homemade cookie flavor, but this one tastes very protein-powdery and artificial. Even though I would definitely eat it again, I would prefer to get another flavor if possible. Nevertheless, it tastes pretty good if you keep in mind that this is technically a protein cookie.

Birthday cake: 7

I was very excited to try the Birthday Cake Complete Cookie because it sounds fun and delicious, but just like the Chocolate Chip flavor, this one tastes too artificial for my liking. I still really liked it, but I was expecting something else. Also, I felt like it was too sweet and it doesn't have add-ins to contrast the sweetness (like nuts or seeds). The sprinkles are not as vibrant as the pictures show, but that's not a huge issue for me because the flavor is always the most important thing. 

Double Chocolate: 9 

If you're looking for a soft homemade-like cookie, the Double Chocolate Complete Cookie is your best shot. I was very happy with this one; it literally melts in your mouth and if you warm it up in the microwave for a few seconds, you're in for an indulgent dessert-like cookie that's probably better than regular cookies because of the high protein content. I also like to crumble it into my oatmeal and let the chocolate chips melt. Keep in mind that this flavor has a cakey texture and it tends to crumble up more than the other ones. 

Next time you're having a cookie craving (or you're just looking for a healthier sweet snack), try one of the Complete Cookies. As you could see, all of them taste good, so there's no room for disappointment. The price is college approved, too — a 12-pack box only costs around $20 dollars, which is way cheaper than any other protein bar/cookie out there. In the end, our pals Lenny and Larry just want us to know that being broke and hardly having time to eat throughout the day doesn't mean our nutrition has to suffer as well.