Have you ever drank one glass of wine, and thought to yourself, "Wow, I feel that"? Yeah, it's a strange feeling. But it's a blessing and a curse to have a low alcohol tolerance. Let me tell you a little more about this anomaly.

Your wallet will thank you

Having a low alcohol tolerance is great for your wallet because you only need to buy a couple of drinks. So while your friends are spending a fortune at the bar, you won't have to. Score. 

No beer belly for us

Alcoholic beverages have a high amount of calories. The less you drink, the less you'll gain. You can enjoy early intoxication knowing that you're saving yourself excess calories.

A good time is only a few sips away

It doesn't matter if you show up late to the party, just grab a drink and you'll be out on the dance floor in no time. 

But it's not always good to have a low alcohol tolerance. Let's discuss the negatives that we're all too familiar with.

The Glow

If you're like me, you know about the glow. That unfortunate red tint that appears that exposes your intoxicated state to all. There's no hiding it once you've had a drink or two. Even a glass of wine at a restaurant can trigger the glow for me. And my redness isn't only from the Chardonnay, but from embarrassment too.

Timing is everything

It’s hard not to feel like a party pooper when you aren’t drinking as much as everyone else. But you also don’t want to pass your limit too early. It's a conundrum to find the perfect balance while drinking with friends.

So much wasted alcohol

Every glass feels giant. Seeing the remnants of your favorite drinks going down the drain the next morning is a sorry sight. It's such a waste that you couldn't finish them before they got warm and gross.

As you can see, having a low tolerance for alcohol isn't the best— but it isn't the worst either. If your skin turns red like mine, don't fret, because you're not alone. Here are some tips I have devised over the past few years to conquer my low tolerance.

Fool proof tips 

1. Get yourself a nice wine stopper to keep those half full bottles fresh.

2. Mini bottles are your friend. Some beer companies have invested in making smaller portioned bottles. They're cute and you'll probably be able to drink a few more.

3. Apply a solid layer of foundation. Makeup should be able to delay the visibility of your red tint. You may even be able to find a tutorial on YouTube of other people who struggle with the glow. 

Now, go party your hearts out.