Although I am a junior in college, this will be the first Thanksgiving where I'll be home. Part of me is excited to have some quality time with my family and friends since I haven't seen them since the summer, but another part of me is dreading the potential for drama and stress. That's why I've created the ultimate Thanksgiving drinking game to help us all get through the week. So join me in cracking open a cold one (White Claw in my case), lean back, and drink to all the chaos as it unfolds before your eyes (and plate!). 

#SpoonTip: Bookmark this Thanksgiving dinner drinking game to make your table a little more tolerable.

Take a sip when...

Someone claims that the turkey is dry.

Whoever cooked it obviously didn't use one of our full-proof, Spoon-approved recipes.

You overhear the "real" adults gossiping.

The tea has been spilled, and it is HOT.

Someone says they're "thankful" for something.

Good for you!

Yet another potluck item is brought to the table. 

There's no such thing as too much food on Thanksgiving.

Someone says, "I need a drink."

You and me both.

Take two sips when...

Grandma keeps trying to stuff you with more food.

Hope you brought your Thanksgiving pants!

You hear the words "Thanksgiving leftovers".

Look, I'm a fan of a good Thanksgiving leftover sandwich like anyone else, but let's enjoy our meal first before thinking about that.

Your football team scores a touchdown.

Tailgating season never ends.

You find yourself in a conversation that you can't contribute to, but can't get out of.

Another sip if you get an encouraging nudge to speak up, but find yourself at a loss for words at how awkward the situation is.

You're perusing social media and someone you're friends with posts a sappy photo.

Gotta get those Instagram likes one way or another.

Finish your drink when...

Someone asks you, "So what are you going to do after graduation?"

I don't know, so stop stressing me out. Please and thank you. 

Your hippy cousin tries guilt-tripping you into becoming vegan.

Stop trying to get me to enjoy tofurkey. It isn't going to work!

A Christmas commercial starts playing.

We went from spooky to jolly real quick.

Someone gives you unsolicited advice.

Aunt Christine, I love you, but never did I ask you for help on my skincare routine.

That relative finally gets noticeably drunk.

It's not Thanksgiving until Uncle Jerry is belligerent and rowdy.

Take a shot when...

An argument over politics or family drama erupts.

You're going to need it.

People start falling asleep on the couch.

The food coma is real.

Someone leaves to go Black Friday shopping.

Dinner is really just the pre-game to a night full of shopping. 

You're introduced to a distant relative that you've never met, but they know everything about you.

Why does my uncle three times removed know more about my grades than my parents?

Plans for next Thanksgiving are being made.

If ya'll survive this Thanksgiving, that is.

#SpoonTip: Please drink responsibly! Spoon University does not support underage or binge drinking.