We may all have unlimited meal plans, but let’s be honest, sometimes you need to explore the world outside of Clurg…here’s a list of places to go while you’re still figuring out all that Sewanee has to offer! Take it from an old timer, these places will certainly do the trick.

1.  When you’ve been drinking and gotta get that food:  Shenanigans Food Truck

Sewanee Eating Guide

Photo Courtesy of Katy Shetler

We all love Shenanigans, however something about getting it from the food truck makes it so much better.  Maybe it’s that our millennial brains have been programmed to prefer this fad, or maybe its the fact that watching it being made right in front of you makes you want it more, but you can never go wrong trying to scrape a few dollars together for this.

What to get: A turkey melt or a grilled cheese Shenanwich will certainly do the trick.

Location: The truck only really comes on big weekends, but follow them on Facebook to keep up on all the breaking news. When the truck isn’t on campus The Pub will certainly suffice.

2.  In desperate need of a study break: Mountain Goat Market

Sewanee Eating Guide

Photo Courtesy of Destiney Golden

There’s really nothing quite like the feeling of getting that text from a friend asking if you want to hit up MGM while in the midst of library hell.  Their warm panini, crisped to perfection with butter, wraps you in a hug and tells you that yes you CAN finish your essay…just right after you stuff you’re face. A huge bonus of coming here for a study break is that 1.) you can order a sundae if you’re extra panicked and 2.) you can pick up some healthy snacks from their shelves to take back with you to the dreaded ATC.

What to get: I’m partial to the Elana Ruz which is a perfect mix of salty and sweet, something I never knew I wanted in a sandwich until I tried it (but honestly, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu here).

Location: 109 W Main Street in Monteagle

3.  You feel like being fancy: Highpoint

Sewanee Eating Guide

Photo Courtesy of Bella Pefianco

When you live on such a small mountain sometimes you have to spice things up a little, and a great way to do that is sitting down at a table with actual candles.  Highpoint is great for feelin’ swanky because you can spend all your money on a full entrée if you feel like it, or you can opt to carboload on the free bread and then get an appetizer as your meal.  An added bonus to Highpoint: believe it or not, Al Capone once used this beautiful old house as a hideout, which makes guiltily treating yourself even cooler.  You may spend a little too much money, but you can rest easy knowing that even though you’re breaking the bank, at least you haven’t started robbing them yet!

What to get: If you’re really going for spending the big bucks, I’m a sucker for the Blackberry duck, but if you really want to stick with the infamous gangster theme they have a pretty awesome looking seafood platter named after ole Al.

Location: 224 East Main Street in Monteagle

4.  If your parents are picking up the check: Ivy Wild

Sewanee Eating Guide

Photo Courtesy of Katie Jannotta

This place is absolutely phenomenal!!! However, it is pretty hard to justify this meal without having an established adult with an actual job in accompaniment (love you Mom & Dad).  Don’t be fooled though, this place is not overpriced – the quality and craftsmanship of the food is worth it.  Ivy Wild is constantly looking for fun, new flavor profiles and keeps a seasonal menu, so you know your food is fresh! It is truly a unique place that I hope everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy at least once before graduation.

What to get: It is a seasonal menu, so each time you go is a surprise! Although, one constant that you can’t go wrong with would be their cheese selection as an appetizer! They’re all local, and what better way to learn about the area where you go to school than to get a taste of it?

Location: 36 Ball Park Road in Sewanee. (Tip: they’re only opened Thurs-Sun, so plan accordingly…a reservation can never hurt).

5. You’re trying to be healthy: Mooney’s Crescent Cafe

Sewanee Eating Guide

Photo Courtesy of Katie Jannotta

I think it’s safe to say that for most of us one of the best parts of Sewanee is how much we love our beer and pizza (and academics of course). But sometimes you really feel like you have to give your body a break and the perfect way to do this is by heading to the little trailer behind the market part of Mooney’s. While at this delightful hidden treasure, you can order a wide array of vegetarian and vegan food including some bomb smoothies. I am a huge coffee drinker, but nothing will give you better energy than one of these awesome little things. If you’re like me and feel like you’re lacking in fruit intake while on the mountain, then this is the place for you.

What to get: A Crescent Cafe fresh-pressed juice.

Location: 1265 W Main Street in Monteagle (tip: they’re only open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. so plan accordingly).

6. You are FINALLY 21: Mi Casa

Sewanee Eating Guide

Photo Courtesy of Abby Coté

This place is pretty much a must for the big 2-1, a right of passage if you will. If you want to feel like an adult in the real world for a second, definitely head to the Sewanee Inn for a cocktail or two with your closest friends, but then get your geriatric butt over to Mi Casa for a grand ole time. Sure it is nice to sit down at a nice bar and order a well thought through cocktail, but you have your whole life ahead of you to do that! This rowdy texmex marvel is the kind of thing that makes our Domain special.  You gotta love a place that will let you play whatever music you want however loudly you want, all with smiles on their faces. So thank your server profusely and sling back that tequila shot for a great night with all your friends because your in for a true Sewanee 21st.

What to get: If you’ve already eaten just grab those margaritas as big as your face and chase it down with a good ole fashioned domestic. If you haven’t eaten (DO IT!), grab one of their deluxe chicken quesadillas with a hearty serving of rice then refer to previous suggestions. And then repeat.

Location: 1236 W. Main Street in Monteagle (tip: round up a group of people in advance that are willing to drive people back and forth, DDs are a must).

7. …And when you’re hungover: Waffle House

Sewanee Eating Guide

Photo Courtesy of Tessa Fox

One word: Godsend. This place can cure even the gnarliest of hangovers.  Maybe it’s the staff that is always so friendly or maybe that wonderful wonderful grease that is in everything, but you will be right as rain and ready to conquer another night – or class – after eating there. And really, the best part about this place is that you can pretty much roll in wearing pjs and no one really cares. So find your comfiest sweatshirt, pray you made it home with your purse/wallet, and make your way to the land of hash browns and waffles.

What to get: The All-Star Breakfast is the biggest bang for your buck to fill your sad, booze soaked stomach. With a hearty helping of waffles, hash browns, toast, and eggs (and all the variations in between) you too can feel like an all-star. Also you can score some serious friendship points with someone if you bag your leftovers and bring them to a friend in need who was not fortunate enough to make it to breakfast.

Location: 705 W. Main Street in Monteagle

8. You need some live music to go along with your food: The Smokehouse

Sewanee Eating Guide

Photo Courtesy of Ainsley Atkins

This place is basically a local Cracker Barrel, and should be considered an unofficial landmark for Monteagle/Sewanee.  Everyone has probably gone to pick up a friend or two from the airport shuttle at the Smokehouse, but if you’ve never gone inside, that’s gotta be on your bucket list.  Not only is it filled with wonderful little knick knacks to purchase, but every Friday and Saturday night (from 6:30-10:30) they have bands from Nashville, free of charge! This gives you a great opportunity to down some serious southern comfort food while tapping your foot to some great guitar.

What to get: All of the barbecue.

Location: 848 W. Main Street (follow the big glowing sign, it’s impossible to miss).

9.  You’re craving something sweet: The Blue Chair Cafe

Sewanee Eating Guide

Photo Courtesy of Sahar Samman

All their food is great, from the eggs benedict to the breakfast bowl, but there is one thing nothing else on the menu can beat: the mother-effing marvelous milkshakes. I’m honestly happy just thinking about them.  They are thick, rich and out of this world, and their unique names, like the “Sewanee Angel,” make just ordering them a fun activity. Alternatively, if you’re scared of getting a brain freeze, they have a lovely array of fresh baked goods that are also great! And if you feel like having a well balanced meal like a functioning human being (tbh I love ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner) they have a full breakfast and lunch menu.

What to get: Really any of these are the right choice, but I’m a sucker for the Nut Case (probably says a lot about my personality) which is a classic peanut butter milkshake that is made to absolute perfection. Or, if you have a long day ahead of you, grab the graduate, which is a latte milkshake, although I don’t know how much caffeine is actually in it.

Location: 35 University Ave (tip: if you can’t make it by lunchtime, head on over to their Tavern right next door for dinner).

10. You’re craving Asian food: Yamato

Sewanee Eating Guide

Photo Courtesy of Devin Peelman

Everyone at some point has been sitting in class one day and has suddenly had the thought, “Fried. Rice. Now.” The only way to quench that thirst is to grab a couple of friends and head down the mountain for some yummy Asian food.  It always has a quiet atmosphere, making it a great getaway from the mountain. I love this place because it can accommodate a person that has $3 to their name or someone that just got PAAAIIIIID. If you absolutely cannot afford to eat out but by God you’re going to anyway, you can always just get a bowl of white/fried rice (grab some pizza from Mcclurg to eat of the way there, no shame), or you can get fancy and order a classic bento box that comes with tons of food. The possibilities are endless!

What to get: I’m partial to the orange chicken over white rice because there’s actually little candied orange peel slices in the sauce.

Location: 1935 Decherd Blvd. near Winchester (this is a bit of a drive so bring a playlist and roll those windows down because it’s mini car trip time).

11. You Need Something Other Than Clurg Coffee: Stirling’s

Sewanee Eating Guide

Photograph Courtesy of Hannah Garey

Don’t misunderstand me, I am so thankful for the coffee in our dining hall! It is always there and always hot and ready to wake me tf up.  Buuuuut sometimes you just gotta have a coffee with a little more kick, and that is when you walk your butt over to Stirling’s. The convenient walking location is great, but even without the location, the coffee can stand on it’s own merit.  Not only are their cappuccinos always on point and perfectly frothy, but you also have the option of picking a drink that is ~so sewanee~ whether it be something named after a beloved professor or a landmark, you know it’s gonna be good. Plus, you have the added bonus of someone you know making it for you which is fun for a quick chat! With the sunny yellow exterior and the goofy doodles taped all over the register, Stirling’s is a sure-fire way to get your caffeine fix and lift your spirits too.

What to get: If you REALLY need caffeine get the Crazy Sewanee Night…it’s got a ton of espresso as well as chocolate. But if you’re going for something lighter the Ice Sewanee Mist is a great pick me up for that afternoon lull.

Location: Georgia Ave. between the BC and the new townhouses.

12. You need to watch “The Game”: Tiger Bay Pub

Sewanee Eating Guide

Photo Courtesy of Bella Pefianco

Ah, the infamous pub. While it somehow feels wrong being in this place so early in the night rather than at the very end of a long night out, this can be a surprisingly fun place to watch a sports event. With about 4 TVs in there, the employees are always willing to let you change the channels to a game. It’s also nice to be able to get food you can spend Tiger Bucks on rather than cold hard cash. It can also be fun to buy a few cheap beers for all you legal folks. So sit back with a brewski and some curly fries and pretend you’re at a real life sports bar.

What to get: Literally anything fried, which is pretty much the whole menu.

Location: The basement of the Bishop Commons

But no matter what Sewanee and Monteagle might have to offer, McClurg will always be #1 in our hearts and our bellies (and our wallets).