With the beginning of another semester, freshers pouring in all excited about the three long years they are going to spend in the campus, super seniors counting their last few days, rejoicing all the memories collected and some seniors who already feel like graduating but aren’t anytime soon (Duh. That’s just me), welcome to the life at Delhi.

We laugh, we cry, we smile, we rejoice. These three years at the college are pretty much like a blank canvas ready to be colored in different shades. So, why not start with the one friend that’s going to be the most consistent part of this journey: FOOD.

Here’s your ultimate guide to eating and drinking in Delhi especially curated by us, after all who knows the campus food scene better than your own foodie journalists at Spoon.

1. When you need to have a society/club meeting: Indian Coffee House


Photo courtesy of hangouts.com

One thing that you’ll definitely do in college is to join college societies/club or even better start new ones as well. And then you’ll always be in lookout for places to conduct long team meetings that can accommodate large number of people. Indian Coffee House is one such destination, though none of us particularly love it tha much but it serves the purpose absolutely right.

What to order: Cold Cream Coffee

How to reach: Nearest Metro Station Rajiv Chowk, Exit Gate- 7

2. When you are cramming for exams and the library is full: Majnu Ka Tila


Photo by Sabhyata Badhawar

Only a rickshaw ride away from north campus, this place is truly a foodie’s paradise. From small restaurants serving authentic Tibetan cuisines to quaint little cafes serving amazing coffee and cakes, you’ll have it all here. The best part is no one disturbs you here and you can sit for hours preparing for your exams or completing projects while gorging on tasty yet pocket-friendly food.

What to order: Giving out name of a particular cafe won’t justify here but still we’ll list some of our favourites. Mud and Marble Cakes from Coffee House, Pancakes from Ama Cafe, Thupka at Rigos and Coffee at Kham Coffee House.

How to reach : Nearest metro station Vidhan Sabha

3. When you want to check out live music: MTV Flyp


Photo courtesy of mumasfooddiary.files.wordpress.com

MTV Flyp is not only a cafe that provides entertainment and good music but also takes the love for music to another level by helping everyone to promote their talent there. Though music and live sessions are the biggest attraction here, the delicacies they offer also cannot be missed.

What to order: Biryani Balls, Miya Bhai Burger, Boom Boom from Thailand and Bruleed Gulabjamun Cheesecake are on our must-try list.

How to reach: Nearest metro station Rajiv Chowk, Exit Gates 5-6

4. When your parents are visiting and they are footing in the bill: Zaffran


Photo by Sonal Chanana

This one seems to be the perfect family restaurant for all those lavish lunches and dinners with your family. The variety of food they offer and the Indianess in all of the dishes makes this restaurant the all time winner.

#SpoonTip: All their desserts are unique, tasty and a must-try.

What to order: Malai Broccoli, Dal Makhni, Chapli Kebab, Parsi Kulfi

How to reach: Nearest metro station Kailash Colony

5. When you need a fix for shakes: Jack n Chill and Echoes


Photo by Mehak Dhawan

Divides as we are in north and south campus, our love for food and drinks definitely unites us. That is why we had to list both these cafes, Jack n Chill for north campus and Echoes for South Campus. Both of these serve a drool worthy range of shakes which are to die for and perfect for the time when you need some ‘shake’ therapy.

What to order: Silk Shake, Oreo Shake, Kitkat Shake, actually all the shakes. YASS!

How to reach: Jack n Chill in Hudson Lane, Echoes in Satyaniketan

6. If you are doing it for “Insta”: Social Offline


Photo by Mehak Dhawan

If you are looking out for an Insta-worthy experience and total value for money to create your Fridays into Fri-yays then Social Offline is your place to be, mate.

What to order: Death Wings, Trip on the Drip, Killer Kebab Platter, Banarsi Patiala, Bhuna Sausage Pao

How to reach: Multiple locations, Nearest metro station: Hauz Khas and Rajeev Chowk.

7. If you are shopping for books and stationary: 34 Chowringhee Lane


Photo courtesy of Zomato

All hail fellow bibliophiles and cute stationary lovers, when we are on our search mode and in need to eat and get energised for a not so soon ending day but at the same time don’t want to waste a single minute, 34 Chowringhee comes as a big rescue with some scrumptious rolls that you can eat on the go.

What to order: Chicken Tikka Roll, Paneer Tikka Roll, Double Egg Roll, Mutton Roll

How to reach:  South Campus: SatyaNiketan, North Campus: Kamla Nagar

8. When you are trying to be healthy: Getafix


Photo by Mehak Dhawan

By now you must have noticed how much we love this one cafe and why shouldn’t we when it solves the problem of combining tasty with healthy through its dishes and smoothies. So the next time you need some dose of health, Getafix should be your place to be.

What to order: Chicken Salad, BBQ Chicken Wings, Fruit Pops and Lemon Pie

How to reach: Greater Kailash, Nearest metro station Kailash Colony

9. When you are craving Italian:  Cafe Wink


Photo by Niharika Maggo

Though this cafe is not exactly in campus but you won’t mind travelling a bit to reach here because the Italian food they serve is beyond perfection (we totally mean it!)

What to order: Three Cheese Pasta, Kit Kat Shake, Spaghetti Aglio Olio and BBQ Lasagna

How to reach:  Anand Vihar, Nearest metro station Karkadooma

10. When you are low on budget but large hungry: Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point


Photo Courtesy of universityexpress.com

Accept it or not, college students are always broke and hungry. Therefore places like Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point are godsend gifts. These are easily accessible, pocket friendly and extremely tasteful.

What to order: Schezwan noodles, Masala Maggi with Lemon Soda, Double Cheese Masala Maggi

How to reach: North Campus, every passerby knows Tom Uncle!

11. When you are trying to be romantic/fancy: Rose Cafe


Photo courtesy of eveningflavours.com

The pastel blues and pinks used in the cafe, along with the wood furniture work make it a perfect destination for your romantic dates. Its victorian-style combined with the delish food is something that makes you revisit the cafe again and again whether you bring the same date or not.

What to order: Bolognese Rose Cafe Melts, House Breakfast, Rose Cafe Iced Coffee ( this coffee is our favorite!)

How to reach: Nearest metro station Saket

12. When you want to go to a cafe that’s worth every penny: Big Yellow Door


Photo courtesy of @spoon_du on Instagram

This one cafe needs no introduction, present in both North and South campus it’s a foodie heaven that fits your budget. And it isn’t very hard to spot. After all, it has a big, yellow door and also long queues of people waiting for their turn, but mind you it’s worth all that wait.

What to order: Read Juicy Burgers, Milkshakes, the ever winning Fries and basically EVERYTHING

How to reach: North campus: Hudson Lane, South campus: Satyaniketan, Nearest metro station: GTB Nagar, AIIMS

13. When you are sick of Starbucks/Dunkin’ Donuts (the coffee shop in your library/on campus): Blue Tokai Roastery


Photo courtesy of Zomato

This one is a hidden gem in Delhi, finally a place that takes coffee seriously! Essentially they roast and pack coffees here, the roastery also has a café area where you can sit and enjoy their special brews. Blue Tokai definitely is our favourite spot for a caffeine fix.

What to order: Coconut Mochas, Cortados, Cappuchinos and Banana Cake Slice

How to reach: Nearest metro station: Saket