Although Waterville may not be the first town that comes to mind when you think “food mecca,” it definitely is a town packed with tons of flavor and hidden gems. Read this guide to learn all about the ins and outs of eating and drinking like a mule.

1. You’re craving late night munchies: The Spa

eating and drinking

Photo by Jamie Pine

Do you really go to Colby if you haven’t had the classic buffalo vs. BBQ quesadilla debate? Thankfully, the grill at The Spa is there for you at all hours (until 12:45 am on weekends) to settle this debate. Embrace the greasy goodness of The Spa.

What to order: Quesadillas are always the go-to, but you can never go wrong with an order of curly cheese fries.

Where: Joseph Family Spa (Colby College)

2. You’re sick of Starbucks/Dunkin: Aroma Joe’s

eating and drinking

Photo courtesy of Aroma Joes

While it’s almost hard to believe that you can actually get sick of Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, there are some days when the only answer to your coffee needs is Aroma Joe’s. Aroma Joe’s puts in three times the amount of caffeine than Dunkin to their drinks, so it’s perfect for an all-nighter.

What to order: Iced coffee shock. This iced coffee probably has the same amount of caffeine as about 3 Five Hour energies.

Where: 84 Kennedy Memorial Drive, Waterville

3. You’re hungover: Early Bird

eating and drinking

Photo by Alison Levitt

Whether it’s after bar night or it’s just a normal weekend, the one thing everyone craves after waking up hungover is Early Bird. At Early Bird, the portions are big, the food is delicious, and the coffee never stops flowing.

What to order: The #5. This comes with two eggs, toast, hashbrowns or home fries (go for the hashbrowns – always), and sausage or bacon. This will without a doubt cure your hangover and leave you feeling full and happy for your day ahead.

Where: 37 Main Street, Oakland ME – quick 7 minute drive from campus.

4. You’re eating for the insta: Big G’s

eating and drinking

Photo by Olivia O’Neill

When you’re in Central Maine, doing it “for the insta” isn’t always easy. Luckily, Big G’s is there whenever you want to show your followers just what they’re missing by way of a massive sandwich. Make sure to go with a huge appetite and zero intention of being healthy.

What to order: The Miles Sandwich (literally Thanksgiving between two pieces of bread) and a side order of onion rings or sweet potato fries.

Where: 581 Benton Ave, Winslow ME – only about 10 minutes from campus.

5. You’re trying to be healthy (kinda): The Green Spot

eating and drinking

Photo by Alison Levitt

There is nothing more exciting than hearing the whispers around campus that The Green Spot has opened. The two famous Green Spot ladies will have you spending all your money on delectable lobster rolls, cheeses, salads, and produce without the blink of an eye.

What to order: a lobster roll (obviously) and curry chicken salad.

Where: 818 Kennedy Memorial Drive, Oakland ME

6. You turn 21: Viper

eating and drinking

Photo courtesy of Silver Street Tavern & Restaurant

Also known as Silver Street Tavern, this place is a must for all the 21+ members of the Colby community. If you ask anyone, Viper is without a doubt the highlight of every Colby student’s bar night career. Get pumped.

Where: 2 Silver Street, Waterville

7. You’re craving Asian Cuisine: Mirakuya

eating and drinking

Photo by Walker Foehl

When Foss just isn’t cutting it, the only answer is ‘kuya. Mirakuya offers a giant spread of noodles, rice, and tons of sushi and rolls. There’s no better way to spice up your weeknight than to go to the hibachi station at Mirakuya with a bunch of friends and spend the night eating onion towers and drinking scorpion bowls.

What to order: Side of pan-fried noodles (trust me, waaaay bigger than a side) and a spicy tuna roll.

Where: 150 JFK Plaza, Waterville

8. You’re cramming for exams and the library is full: Selah Tea

eating and drinking

Photo by Kelly Gibney

Selah Tea is a mecca of soothing coffee shop vibes in the middle of the sometimes chaotic town of Waterville. Selah has tons of seating – round tables that are great for group work, counters for one-on-one chats, or just regular tables. The food at Selah definitely helps you power through that essay you’re trying to speed-write.

What to order: a cold jar and the Wicked Good Chicken salad.

Where: 177 Main Street, Waterville

9. Your parents are in town: 18 Below

eating and drinking

Photo courtesy of Gateway Mavens

18 Below is a perfect spot to go to with your parents or on special occasions. The food specializes in huge portions of fresh and delicious seafood. 18 Below also has a party room that is an amazing place to throw one of your friends a killer classy birthday dinner.

What to order: Grilled salmon, without a doubt.

Where it is: 18 Silver Street, Waterville

10. You’re craving something sweet: Dairy Cone

eating and drinking

Photo by Alison Levitt

Dairy Cone is honestly one of Waterville’s biggest gems. This magical ice cream shop (open early fall and all of spring) has the creamiest and most incredible ice cream flavors the world has to offer. In addition to hard ice cream, Dairy Cone also has soft serve, milkshakes, hungry jacks (ice cream blended with toppings), and ice cream sandwiches.

What to order: chocolate peanut butter ice cream with real cookie dough on top

Where: 127 North Street, Waterville

11. You need to grab a quick and cheap lunch between classes: Take 5

eating and drinking

Photo courtesy of Colby College

Although every dining hall at Colby is free, the quickest and cheapest way to get lunch is by heading over to the Spa and grabbing Take 5. Take 5 is a perfect place to grab a fast lunch.

What to order: Always go for it during buritto week and skip the tortilla to make a nice taco salad. Also, grab as many PB&J sandwiches as you can.

Where: Corporale Lounge in the Spa (Colby College)