Springtime in New Orleans is always a magical time. It’s festival season galore where every weekend presents itself with a different type of celebration. The ultimate reminder of spring, however, is Crawfest.

Tulane students always brag about Crawfest being better than whatever festival their friend’s school is having, and with good reason. If you’ve never heard of Crawfest (or you’re just a freshman), brace yourself for the perfect day to sit on the quad, drink some daqs, and listen to live music all day long.

What makes Crawfest special are the 19,000 pounds—yes, you read that correctly—of crawfish and veggies. If crawfish isn’t your thing or you pretend that you’re allergic to shellfish, have no fear because the Crawfest committee makes sure to spoil the student body with plenty of food options.

Tulanians, get prepared for some of the best food trucks and restaurants in New Orleans to cater to your Crawfest needs. Some of our favorite vendors at this year’s Crawfest include:

St. James Cheese Company

The owner of St. James won an episode of Chopped, so you know you’re in good hands when you reach for that Hook’s Cheddar sandwich.

Plum Street SnoBalls

These springtime treats always make for the perfect Instagram, but they are also a great way to cool down after soaking up the sun for a few hours.

Fat Falafel


Photo by Lena Grossman

If you haven’t tried Fat Falafel, look at your life, look at your choices and stand in line because their crispy falafel changes the game. Check out their new restaurant 1000 Figs if you feel that inspired.

These are only 3 of the many appetizing options you’ll see at Crawfest this year, so get prepared to indulge yourself into a food coma and enjoy the music on the quad.

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