Ah, cookie dough. I think we all have some sort of memory of making cookies and stealing dough from the bowl. With the bit of scolding due to Salmonella risk that never seemed real until our stomach began to hurt later. Now that ready to eat cookie dough has started to storm the shelves we can finally enjoy cookie dough in its purest forms. The true question is a brand name or a Pinterest recipe going to win in terms of taste and price to best replicate those memories from our childhoods? I set out to end the cookie dough battle by awarding points for taste, price, and type of chocolate chip used. With DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections™ hailing in New York us non-New Yorkers need to get our cookie dough fix too! Thus, the ultimate ready to eat cookie dough taste test. 

Emily Elliott

The two brands tested were Edoughble (2.), The Cookie Dough Cafe (3.) and the Homemade (1.) which was a recipe off of Pinterest linked here

Chocolate Chip Type

I chose to use mini chocolate chips in the homemade cookie dough which resulted as being a great choice as it made the cookie dough easy to eat so 10 points for homemade. Edoughble also used mini chocolate chips so they get 10 points for that choice. The Cookie Dough Cafe used normal chocolate chips that were a bit large and kind of messed up the mouth feel of the cookie dough; 7 points. All were milk chocolate chips so that did not play a role in points awarded. 

Emily Elliott


In all of them the texture was a bit more granular than desired due to the amount of sugar obviously in them. Edoughble didn't have much of a cookie dough taste it just seemed like sugar and chocolate chips so I gave them 5 points. The Cookie Dough Cafe definitely came closer to the taste of homemade cookie dough but was missing a vanilla flavor; 8 points. The homemade cookie dough won for taste due to the brown sugar and vanilla flavors being present and just reminding me the most of my childhood; 10 points. 

Emily Elliott


Edoughble was $6.25 for 12 oz. or $0.52 per oz. (based on their website prices); 5 points. The Cookie Dough Cafe was $5.92 for 16 oz. or $0.37 per oz.; 8 points (from Walmart when this article was written). The Homemade is a bit difficult to quantify but I did my best and got $5.82 for 24 oz. or $0.24 per oz.; 10 points. 

Emily Elliott

Point Totals

Edoughble came out with 20 points, The Cookie Dough Cafe came in second with 23 and Homemade won with 30 points. Homemade easily replicated childhood memories and tasted the most like homemade because it was. The process of making it also added to the value since mixing it was fun. I recommend making your own ready to eat cookie dough because you save money and the experience is one that cannot be replicated by opening a store bought container of cookie dough. Make your own and you won't be disappointed!