If you didn’t know, were too busy studying for finals, or simply just forgot to order Mom a present until now, have no fear. You’re definitely not alone. Fortunately, your mom won’t know the difference. Knock Mom off her feet and show her how much you really love her with the best gift in the world: food. Luckily, it’s 2016 and we have overnight shipping, so get shopping.

1. Mother’s Day Collection from Baked by Melissa

mother's day

Photo courtesy of @bakedbymelissa on Instagram

BBM’s mother’s day collection consists of strawberry cheesecake, magic cookie and white chocolate crunch. If mini cupcakes don’t do the job, nothing will.

Price: $25 for 25 cupcakes

2. Strawberry Lemon Cake and Truffles from Milk Bar

mother's day

Photo courtesy of milkbar.com

Milk Bar released their new flavor just in time for Mother’s Day. Surprise your mom with magically delicious goodies in whatever form she’ll devour first, cake or truffles.

Price: $48 for a 6″ cake; $17.40 for a dozen truffles

3. Fruit-Filled Mug from Edible Arrangements

mother's day

Photo courtesy of ediblearrangements.com

If your mom likes to pretend to be healthy (but needs some chocolate in her life), this is the perfect gift for her. And she’ll get to keep the mug as a constant reminder that you’re basically the best kid she’s ever had.

Price: $54.99

4. A Mom Mug from Williams-Sonoma

mother's day

Photo courtesy of williams-sonoma.com

If your mom is a coffee lover, this is the perfect gift for her this Mother’s Day. If you’re feeling even nicer (and have a little bit more money to spend), throw in a monthly coffee subscription from Craft Coffee.

Price: $9.95 for a mug; $29.99 for a month’s subscription

5. Mother Nature Gift Set from Mouth

mother's day

Photo courtesy of mouth.com

For organic, health-freak moms. Your mom couldn’t want anything more – granola, peanut butter, nuts, dried fruit and more natural, healthy deliciousness.

Price: $68

6. A Wine Assortment from Wine of the Month Club

mother's day

Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

If your mom loves wine, she’ll love this. Either buy her a one time assortment or indulge in a monthly subscription. Reminder: a monthly subscription means she’ll be reminded at least once a month how much she loves you (just kidding, she always remembers).

Price: $99-$164

7. Mother’s Day Cookie Cake from Mrs. Fields

mother's day

Photo courtesy of mrsfields.com

If your mama’s got a sweet tooth like you, order her this bad boy. Not only will she love it, but she’ll want to share it with you. When you give a mom a cookie…

Price: $37.99

8. SpoonU’s Sweet Summertime Cookie Dough from 

mother's day

Photo courtesy of @spoonuniversity on Instagram

This one’s got its perks. Both drool-worthy and deliciously beautiful, if you use the code SPOONU on this flavor, you’ll get 15% off. You’re welcome in advance.

Price: $14.45-$23.80 (with the 15% off)

9. The Kitchen Drawer from Blue Apron

mother's day

Photo courtesy of blueapron.com

If your mom loves to cook, buy her new kitchen gear. There’s nothing more satisfying than new things so treat your mama on her special day.

Price: $69.99

10. Mother’s Day Dozen from Georgetown Cupcakes

mother's day

Photo courtesy of georgetowncupcakes.com

For a gift that’ll taste as good at it looks, Georgetown Cupcakes certainly won’t disappoint. A dozen different wonderfully delicious flavors satisfy any and every one of your mom’s cravings on this Mother’s Day.

Price: $35/dozen

11. Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Shari’s Berries

mother's day

Photo courtesy of berries.com

Chocolate covered strawberries are essentially always the best gift to show your love.

Price: $29.99 for 6 strawberries; $39.98 for 12 strawberries

12. Love Mother’s Day Heart from Compartes Chocolate

mother's day

Photo courtesy of compartes.com

A heart-shaped box filled with chocolate is as lovey-dovey as you can get if you’re willing to spend the money. For any mom who loves chocolate as much as she loves you.

Price: $99.95

13. A Monthly Subscription to Try the World

mother's day

Photo courtesy of @trytheworld on Instagram

For any mother who loves exploring different cultures and foods around the world.

Price: $39 per box

Disclaimer: These prices do not include shipping and handling.