The food trucks alone might be enough of a reason to shell out $300 for a 3-day pass to the Governors Ball Music Festival, held annually on Randall’s Island in New York City. You can’t go wrong with any of the festival’s 50+ food vendors, serving everything from shaved ice to waffles, but check out these top trucks to make sure you get the most delicious #eeeeeats at GovBall.

1. If You’re Craving Avo Toast: Bluestone Lane Coffee


Photo courtesy of @bluestonelanecoffee on Instagram

This isn’t your #basic avocado toast. With super-thick bread, e.v.o.o., heirloom tomatoes, and feta, you’ll be fueled up and ready for a day of dancing.

2. If You Want Something Fresh: Coco & Co


Photo courtesy of @coconutcoconutandcoconut on Instagram

When the midday dehydration hits you hard, recharge with delicious coconut water from this fruity vendor. Hungry? Bring back the coconut once you’ve finished the water, and they’ll break it open so you can eat the inside. But if coconuts aren’t your thing, don’t worry – they have plenty of other fruit options to give your stomach a break from the more indulgent food at every other truck.

#SpoonTip: If you’re low on cash towards the end of the night, be sure to head here for food: they give away their extra fruit before closing.

3. If You Want to Indulge: Momofuku Milk Bar


Photo courtesy of Nicole Laszlo

When it’s dessert time, this branch of Momofuku is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth. The cereal milk soft serve (with crunch, obviously) is a delicious twist on typical froyo, but if you want to try a Milk Bar classic, be sure to pick up a pack of the birthday cake truffles.

4. If You Want an Insta-Worthy Meal: Ramen Burger


Photo courtesy of @ramenburger on Instagram

If you didn’t get close enough to the stage to get a good pic of Kanye, you can still pull in the likes with a gram-worthy picture of this modern-classic NYC favorite.

5. If You’re Tired of Regular Hot Dogs: Asia Dog


Photo courtesy of @asiadognyc on Instagram

The American hot dog gets an Asian twist at this truck, which serves up the summer classic pimped out with unexpected toppings like kimchi, pickled carrot, and curry. Here, at least, the remix beats the original.

6. If You’re Vegan: by CHLOE


Photo courtesy of @bychefchloe on Instagram

Whether you’re a hardcore vegan or just looking for a slightly healthier option at the festival, by CHLOE has you covered. From mac and cheese to ice cream, this place makes vegan food so delicious that it’s practically indistinguishable from the real thing.

7. If You’re Sweating to Death: Snowdays


Photo courtesy of @snowdaysnyc on Instagram

Forget heavy ice cream: shaved cream is the best new thing to come to frozen desserts. All the deliciousness of ice cream, paired with the fluffiness of a snow cone makes this sweet treat the perfect way to cool down, without feeling weighed down.

8. If You Skipped Breakfast: Wafels & Dinges


Photo courtesy of @wafelsanddinges on Instagram

If you sacrificed the best meal of the day to get to the front of the crowd, make up for lost deliciousness with a Belgian waffle. Cover with plenty of dinges (aka toppings) to your heart’s content.

9. If You Want a Real Dinner: Spaghetti Incident


Photo courtesy of @tellagirl on Instagram

After three days of eating festival food, the idea of a real meal starts to sound really good. Check out Spaghetti Incident to refuel with a restaurant-quality serving of spaghetti. If you’re stressed about eating a messy plate of pasta, don’t worry: It’s served in a cone that prevents spillage and makes it easier to get every last bite.

10. If You’re Feeling Nostalgic: The Nugget Spot


Photo courtesy of @thenuggetspot on Instagram

Nuggets were a staple of every childhood. Get a blast from the past at this truck, where the bites are coated in everything from Sriracha to Cap’n Crunch. Super-customize your order with a personal sauce pairing, from sweet to spicy.