It's crunch time. The holidays are sneaking up on us as they do every year. If holiday shopping is still on your to-do list (no judgment here), I'm here to help. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your friends who love all things food, look no further. Here is the ultimate gift guide for your foodie friend. 

#1: Restaurant Gift Card

As college students, we are perpetually in search of good food. Any chance to have food not prepared in a dining hall or in our own kitchens is a win. Take the stress off of choosing between the cheap option and the tasty option by giving your friend a gift card to their favorite restaurant. Disclaimer: this idea is inspired by a close friend who got a gift card to Murphy's for her birthday!

#2: Trader Joe's Cookbook

For many, college is the first time you learn to cook for yourself. This poses a greater challenge to some than others. Trader Joe's is commonly known as a staple in college students' grocery shopping; it's relatively inexpensive and delivers quality and convenience. Help a friend spruce up their favorite TJ's items with this Trader Joe's cookbook

#3: Salt and Pepper Shakers 

When shopping for your college apartment, salt and pepper shakers probably aren't high on your priority list. It's likely that if you have salt and pepper, they're in ugly containers from the grocery store. Add some life to your friend's kitchen with a cute pair of salt and pepper shakers. They'll think of you every time they're in the kitchen!

#4: Electric Mixer

Here's a perfect gift for the college baker. Save your friend from struggling to beat butter and sugar to make chocolate chip cookies, and gift them an electric hand mixer. They'll be grateful, and you will reap the benefits in the form of baked goods. 

#5: The Milk Bar Sampler

For dessert lovers, look no further. Milk Bar has you covered with the perfect dessert sampler. If you've never tried Milk Bar, their desserts are inspired by childhood treats and break all of the rules of conventional baking. The Milk Bar Sampler comes with pie, cake truffles, cookies, and more! 

#6: Holiday Cookie Cutters

This one is a gift and an activity all in one. Get in the holiday spirit and bake cookies—then you can gift the cookies! This is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

#7: A Recipe Journal

Do you ever find a really good recipe only to search for it months later to no avail? With this recipe journal, you'll never lose the key to an amazing dinner again. Organize all of your favorite dishes with the added bonus of keeping track of all the times you cooked instead of going out!

#8: Hot Chocolate in a Jar

For your chocolate-loving friends, try making hot chocolate in a jar! You can add chocolate chips, sprinkles, crushed peppermint, marshmallows...the sky's the limit. Put your cocoa powder and toppings in a mason jar, and wrap some twine around the top for a more finished look. 

#9: Ralph's Coffee Tote Bag

For the coffee-loving friend who is always on trend, you can't go wrong with a Ralph's Coffee tote bag. It is sleek, classic, and functional. They are sure to bring it to your next coffee date!

#10: Mini Waffle Maker

For those times when you're dying for brunch but didn't make reservations or plans with friends, give the gift of a mini waffle maker. With this mini waffle maker, your friend can have brunch for one from the comfort of their home. 

So there you have it, the ultimate gift guide for your foodie friend. Don't let holiday shopping intimidate you: with this list, you'll be unstoppable.