The premiere of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is finally here, and like any true fan, I know that the experience of binge-watching Gilmore Girls wouldn't be complete without the right food. The key to making the best of this experience is to figure out exactly which junk food matches your ideal binge-watching method whether you choose to do the "Marathon," the "All Day Event," or the "Savor."

One of the best parts of watching Gilmore Girls for me is getting the chance to watch the series with my Mom and Aunt. It gives us an opportunity to chat about what the Girls have been up to and compare notes on the love lives of Lorelai and Rory (team Jess all the way). We decided on the "All Day Event" style to binge-watch the series, and I can say that I've never felt closer to the Gilmore's than when I spent a day eating Pop-Tarts for breakfast and tater tots with pizza. Whatever binge-watching method you choose, don't forget to add your own twist to it, and make it an experience to remember.

1. The Marathon

If you're planning on hitting play and not turning it off until you hear those famous final 4 words, then you need to power snack. We're talking 6 hours of watching those Gilmore Girls eat. This non-stop method will require doughnuts, chocolate, Twizzlers, and a consistent pot of coffee by your side.

2. The All Day Event

As we know, each of the 4 episodes of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life will follow the girls through 1 season of the year. To turn your Gilmore-athon into an all day affair, watch 1 episode per meal and  pair your menu with the season.  Breakfast = Episode 1: Winter 

Start your morning off right with warm, holiday classics, like pumpkin pancakes and candy cane coffee. If it sounds like a strange combination, remember to channel your inner Lorelai (aka: eat everything). 

Bonus points if you treat yourself to donuts that are holiday themed.

Lunch = Episode 2: Spring

Spring is the perfect season for a classic Gilmore Girls fave, pizza. We've seen them eat it all, so which type you choose depends on what you're feeling, or perhaps what you identify as.

Dinner = Episode 3: Summer

cheese, blue cheese
Danielle Biskner

What is summer cuisine (or a Gilmore-athon) without the classic burger and fries? Especially when we know we'll see plenty of them served up to Lorelai by love-struck Luke. 

Dessert = Episode 4: Fall 

There's no place like Stars Hallow in the fall, and to cap off your day of Gilmore-binging, celebrate with all things pumpkin spiced. (It's also the perfect time to finish off all the festive-flavored snacks you stockpiled before Halloween.) If pumpkin isn't your thing (or your sick of it since you started eating it when the PSL made it's comeback in September), you can serve up some coffee flavored icecream instead.

3. The Savor

If you've been waiting for this day as long as I have, you might not want to devour the series all in one sitting. Perhaps 1 episode per night will be the treat at the end of your long day. If so, it's important to pair them with a snack you can look forward to.

This Mug Cake is quick to prepare and ready to eat after a few minutes in the microwave. Which means no extra waiting to find out if Rory has finally chosen Jess.

Or if you're feeling a cold treat, this set of Gilmore Girls ice-cream comes in a 4 pack, which makes it easy to indulge in 1 pint per night. The star flavor "They Scoop Gilmores, Don't They?" tastes like coffee chocolate pudding, topped with pink Pop-Tart sprinkles and is crazy good. 

You've chosen your binge-watching method, gathered your food, and have probably waited 7 years for this moment. It's finally time to sit back, hit play, and indulge in Gilmore Girls.