Family Thanksgivings can be a tense time. Whether your dad is drilling you on what you can (and mostly can't) do with an anthropology major, your racist grandma is praising Donald Trump, or your aunt is bugging you about why you're still single—it's tough. So, grab your siblings and cousins, because here is the ultimate Thanksgiving drinking game to get you through this heated, awkward mess of a family holiday.

Rules of the Game

Pour yourself a nice glass of wine, or a vodka tonic if your family is a bit too outspoken, and make sure to keep the bottles of wine and vodka nearby.  It's a long day of family, food, and drinking, after all.

Take a sip if...

1.  You or your family is running late, causing your mom to have a mental breakdown.

2. The turkey is burned... yum...

3.  Someone mentions Donald Trump.

4.  Someone makes an incredibly uncomfortable dad joke.

5.  Your mom asks you if you have an internship lined up. #yikes

6.  You say your elevator pitch about how much you love college.

Take a shot if...

1.  Your aunt asks you about your love life and proceeds to interrogate you about why you're single.

2.  Your dad asks you about your liberal arts major. Yes, dad, I will eventually get a job, even if I'm a sociology major.

3.  Your sibling spills something about your sex life to your entire

4.  Your uncle gets a little too drunk off of his Johny Walker Black.

5.  Someone calls you out for drinking too much.

6.  You just need to unbutton your pants.

Finish your drink if...

1.  Your mom makes a passive-aggressive comment on how you gained weight at school.

2.  People start screaming about politics.

3. Your grandma says something racist, sexist, homophobic, or all of the above.

4.  Someone starts crying hysterically about who knows what.

5. The transgender bathroom debate comes up.

6.  Someone gets completely offended about any of the above.

Good luck this Thanksgiving—I believe in you! Just make sure to eat up, drink up, and please remember to be thankful for your family, as annoying as they may be.  Believe it or not, you're lucky to have them.