For some unknown reason, (I'm guilty of it too), girls love to gather around to watch a man serial date on 'The Bachelor'. Meanwhile, let's be honest, if a guy we were talking to did that, heads would roll. And for way more known reasons, we gather around and watch this show while drinking alcohol. Reasons being: the show is so ridiculous, we hate on the contestants meanwhile their Instagram pictures get 100,000 likes while we feel famous for getting 100 likes, and well, because it's fun. 

'The Bachelor' is back with season 24 and we're still on our same BS. So, it's time to make a toast to Peter Weber and the contestants fighting to be his future wife. Let's drag out the toast like Chris Harrison drags out the rose ceremonies by turning it into the ultimate drinking game. 

Take a sip when: 

- A girl cries about not having enough time with Peter   

- A girl gets mad at another girl for talking to Peter too many times                                                                         

- A girl says a pun related to Peter being a pilot             

- A girl mentions Hannah B.                                               

- Someone says the words "right reasons"                       

- Peter says he can't wait for a girl to meet his family

Take a shot when: 

- A girl talks about the windmill                                         

- Someone says they're falling in love                               

- Hannah B. is in an episode                                             

- Peter takes a girl on a plane                                           

- Chris Harrison says, "Ladies. Peter, this is the final rose tonight. When you're ready."                                             

- Chris Harrison says, "*Insert girl's name here*, take a moment. Say your goodbyes." 

Chug your drink when:                           

- Chris Harrisons says, "This has been the most dramatic season in Bachelor history."                                               

- A girl compares their name, profession, or home state to Hannah B.                                                                       

- Your favorite contestant is sent home                             

- A girl says she's glad that Peter was the bachelor         

- Someone mentions the beautiful, Tyler C.                     

- Peter asks a girl to marry him                                           

And, most importantly, remember to drink responsibly, and throw your wine bottle at the television if Peter ends up with Hannah B.