Did you know that Wash U is hosting a presidential debate? Unless you live under a rock, of course you did. The #WashUDebate2016 posters are everywhere—you can't go anywhere near the athletic center and every student group is planning an event centered around the thing. Fun fact: our school has now officially hosted more presidential debates than any other school in the country, so we're really ready to go this time. 

With the debate comes a lot of great things: amazing publicity for Wash U (the newly ranked #11 school in the country) as well as a great opportunity for students to get more involved in the political conversations.

On the other hand, the debate is causing a lot of inconveniences: frat houses are being locked down (read: whatever shall we do!) and we haven't been able to use our newly renovated athletic complex. 

So, whether it's the debate or simply the presence of politicians on campus that you need to cope with, I've got the ultimate presidential drinking game for you.

Debate Rules:

1. Take a sip every time...

-Trump interrupts Hillary (but make sure this is a tiny sip because it happened 51 times in the last debate).

- You hear someone groan while watching. 

- Trump says he's a businessman.

2. Take a shot when...

- Hillary gets the "I have a great comeback" look.

- Hillary talks about how much experience in politics she has had.

- Trump says: "Believe me."

- A candidate completely dodges a question and goes on about a totally different subject. 

3. Finish your drink every time...

- Trump uses three or more superlatives in one sentence.

- Hillary asks you to fact check something Trump says.

Campus Rules:

beer, coffee
Tess Citron

1. Take a sip when...

- You see a snapchat or hear a joke about the fence that is now built around upper row and Seigle.

- Someone tells you they have a friend who won a ticket to the debate.

- You see a "Debate 2016" sign (careful with this one... there's a ton of them).

2. Take a shot every time...

- You see someone from the Secret Service.

- You have to re-route your way to class.

- Someone says they can't believe that we're hosting the debate.

3. Finish your handle when...

- You're actually quite upset that you didn't win the debate ticket lottery and need to drown your sorrows.