Let's be honest, eating baby corn haunts you a little bit. Like all small things, baby corn is so cute, and you can't help but admire it while it sits on the edge of your fork (not that I'm judging... I'm guilty of it, too). While you're gushing over its adorableness, you can't help but wonder what is baby corn? Can corn really grow that small? Or did they shrink the corn with a shrink ray? (Just joking about the last part).

After digging through some deep research, turns out that baby corn is....

It is the ear of the corn in its immature stage. It is picked before its prime, according to Huffington Post.

I know that was not as shocking as anticipated. However, these little guys came a long way. They traveled across the pond, so they can found in our favorite cuisines.

Did you know that baby corn is also known as cornlettes? It's just another term for baby corn, but it makes it sound more enticing.

The ear of the corn is the beginning stage when the corn is being grown while it is very small. Before the corn is fertilized, farmers pluck the cereal grain while it is covered in those silk hairs.

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Jenny Georgieva

Another fun fact is that baby corn is hard to come by in the States, so it is often grown in Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan. Since it's grown on a corn farm, these babies come from a variety of different types of corn.

No need to get picky, you could get two different types of corn in your stir fry, which is pretty cool. It's as if you're being adventurous and expanding your horizons while eating the same food from the same restaurant as you always do.