Food is said to bring people together. For Malachi Jenkins and Roberto Smith it did just that along with potentially saving their lives. The two came from opposing gangs, but decided to leave that life behind after being tired of negative police interactions weighing them down and hindering any potential for growth that they had.

While trying to decide what career to pursue, Jenkins came across Le Cordon Bleu and ended up studying culinary arts with them. Now that they had disassociated from their past gangs, Jenkins and Smith took advantage of their new found friendship and teamed up to start Trap Kitchen. The two decided to harness the power of social media to grow their restaurant and catering business located in Los Angeles, California. 

Their Instagram handle is @therealtrapkitchen and their feed is full of Malachi's daily creations that customers call in to order and pick up. Besides the daily specials that they are consistently cooking up, the two also cater events and have even worked with celebrities such as Ice Cube, Common, and Kendrick Lamar. They also made an appearance on Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, which is pretty major as well. If you're in the Los Angeles area and looking to order a meal from Trap Kitchen be sure to move quickly because their food is known to sell TF out. 

Scrolling through their feed, something stands out that is actually available right here in Tallahassee. They have loaded, pineapple bowls for sale that look almost identical to the ones sold locally at Sam's Pineapple Express, which is located next to FAMU's campus. So, if you're unable to make the trip to Los Angeles, which is probably 90% of college students, you just have to travel a few minutes from campus to get a taste of LA.

An important aspect to note about Trap Kitchen is that they hire people who are unable to acquire a more typical job due to circumstances such as past incarceration. Having been involved in rough situations in the past, Jenkins and Smith understand that everyone deserves a second chance to better themselves. The pair also serve as role models for children who are growing up in their community, showing the kids that they can be cool while also holding down a job.

Trap Kitchen LA should serve as an inspiration to people in all cities and towns to start up their own Trap Kitchen. They have been nothing but a positive influence on their community and have bettered themselves internally through the process. Everyone should trap like these guys, trap meaning to take risks and prosper.