I want to start out by saying this is not a certified food professional absolutely perfect list, so this ranking can be completely different in your opinion. However, this list is credible,because it is made by your average 21 year old girl who has long dreamed of being a chef or baker. From this girl with a dream, these shows cultivated my culinary interests, along with setting a goal to one day have a show of my own. Here are the Top 8 Food network shows that every foodie loves no matter what order!

Food Network Awards Party

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8. Worst Cooks In America

Even if you hate cooking and can’t cook in general, there is still that one show on the network for you!The Worst Cooks in America is a hilarious show that highlights people around the states who sometimes can’t even boil water. You may at first think you wont like this show. However, you’ll find yourself quickly hooked wanting to see these helpless cooks improve. In the end someone wins, but it’s the best of both worlds because the title you get is ‘Worst Cook’.

7. Beat Bobby Flay

The competition of the century. Bobby Flay against any chef who wishes to go against him. This show gives any chef the chance to show their skills and go up against Bobby, with their choice of specialty dish.Its most chef’s dreams to show off their skills and this show gives them that opportunity against the best of the best. Of course, we all root for the underdog.

6. The Kitchen

Every network has a talk show, even the Food network! Don’t be fooled though, this isn’t your typical talk show. This is all about food! Go figure right? This show gives a nice fresh feel to morning talk shows and it never fails to provide friendly meal tips and recipes that are to die for. With talking, playing games, answering questions, and cooking, how much better can a show get?

5. Guy’s Grocery Games

Guy Fieri never fails to pull off a fun, laugh filled, delicious show that makes everyone want to join. I’m not to sure how everyone else feels, but running around a grocery store and making food in a frenzy is my kind of fun! Plus, I am always hungry in the grocery store so being able to eat asap, that would be a dream. 

4. Holiday Baking Championship

No matter the season, no matter the age, this series is one to look forward too! It’s like the guilty pleasure Christmas movies on Hallmark, but for the foodies! Each holiday this show never fails to highlight the best of the season, and blend delicious food with great holiday fun. Also, it never hurts to learn some new recipes for holiday celebrations, right?

3. The Pioneer Woman

My Girl, the one that can do no wrong, the mom and wife of the year, Ree Drummond. While you may not have a five star kitchen, most of us do have a home kitchen at our disposal. Ree has simple, fun recipes that are accessible even for cooking novices. Her recipes take no time at all, and end up being so delicious! Despite some people not enjoying Ree’s cheery attitude, It makes the show ten times better since you can never be sad watching it. 

2. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Though many have a bad impression of Guy Fieri, this show can make anyone hungry within seconds, while also inspiring the urge to jump in a car and go on a road trip. Seeing what is around the states is amazing, and if you are a true foodie, you want to go and try it all no matter who tells you about it. 

1. Chopped

This tops the charts on Food Network. Not only is Chopped the most famous show on Food Network, but also the one most people recognize. We’ve often asked people, “have you watched anything on Food Network?” and the typical response we hear is, “I’ve seen the show with the mystery basket”. Plus, once you are hooked on this show you can’t deny that you sit there continuously trying to come up with recipes you can make with all the ingredients.

*Co-Written by Donna Molloy