Alcoholic drinks; at some point during your college career, you've probably encountered them at some point or another. Whether your story or stories with booze is positive or negative is for you to decide, but for the most part, you don't really know of every single ingredient that's in your drink... half the time, you know that your drinks are mixed; but with what? If you're looking to spike your drinks also, you might use straight up booze, which is fine; but what about utilizing a liqueur or multiple liqueurs instead?

What's a liqueur?

A liqueur can be defined as "a strong, sweet alcoholic type of booze that's usually consumed after a meal," according to Google. Most liqueurs that I've encountered have 15% to 35% alcohol content, when most hard liquors have way more than that. 

What are the top liqueurs?

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Sam Jesner

While there's no definitive list of liqueurs that I've seen online (not like I've cared to check), here are my top five picks:


Baileys is by far one of the most popular liqueurs that's out on the market; if not, it's the most popular liqueur that's out on the market. Known for being Irish cream and having a smooth, creamy taste to it, it can be mixed in with almost everything, but I'd suggest spiking your already sugary beverage with it; or your coffee; whatever floats your boat.

Mr. Black

If I told you that this was already alcoholic cold brew coffee, would you believe me? I'm not sure if you would, but that's exactly what Mr. Black has to offer us all. With a 25% ABV aka alcohol by volume level, it won't get you drunk enough to say that you're drunk, but it's not light like a glass of wine either. Be careful while drinking it, though, cause if you accidentally chug the whole bottle as if it's a venti iced coffee from Starbucks (they're basically the same size), you might as well end up drunk.


Known for being in Aperol spritz', Campari is a liqueur that's also used in the infamous Negroni. While it has more of a bitter taste to it, any drink that's well made won't have so much of a bitter taste to it, but instead would be smooth going down your throat and into your body.


An herbal liqueur, Jägermeister comes in shots, cool packs, and in bottles. Jägermeister now also has their own version of cold brew coffee, but my personal favorite product of theirs would be their shots to go, which comes in packs of 10 shots per container.

Any brand - Blue Curaçao

Bitter and orange flavor, blue curaçao is the perfect liqueur to mix in with most fruity drinks. Blue curaçao has to be the most versatile liqueur on this list, meaning that the drinks are endless; however, I don't want you killing your liver in the process.

Liqueurs might be confusing, but hopefully this article cleared things up a little for you and provided you with a start on drinking them. Who knows; maybe you'll start drinking them on their own.