Detox waters are all the rage recently, as they not only benefit your body in many different ways but they can taste good too. These simple fruit, veggie, and herb infused recipes are something that you'll want to grab right when you wake up. Take a step back from the acai bowls and green juices. These detox waters will have you wanting to come back for more. Here are five detox waters you need to know about for this summer.

1. Lemon Water

lemonade, water, lemon
Caroline Liu

Lemon water is an age old recipe that has known benefits. The lemon is packed full of Vitamin C, which helps with your immune system. Along with that, lemons are known to help with weight loss, due to the fact they are known to cut hunger cravings. Although it's one of the most simple recipes, it sure does the trick. You can even add mint leaves to the water if you're feeling ~fancy~.

2. Watermelon and Strawberry Water

Watermelon is a staple summer fruit with its refreshing taste. So, when it's paired with strawberries, it's bound to make for a delicious tasting detox water. Not only is it low-cal but the watermelon and strawberries provide additional health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure. They're also chalk full of antioxidants, so be sure to add them to some water with ice and you're good to go!

3. Pineapple and Orange Water

This detox water is great before or after a workout! Pineapple and oranges are pack full of Vitamin C so they naturally increase your metabolism. It helps your body burn fat and ultimately helps your body repair itself, ultimately reducing muscle soreness. Slice these fruits up, add them to your water with a little bit of ginger for a little more flavor.

4. Cucumber Water 

vegetable, cucumber, pickled cucumber
Bess Pearson

Cucumber water is the classic detox water you find in spas. Not only is it a recognizable detox water, but it also provides additional benefits when consumed. Cucumbers have healthy compounds that fight inflammation, protect your brain health, and can freshen your breath! 

5. Grapefruit Water

Grapefruits are delicious on their own, but when used in a detox water, they're a go to. Grapefruits flush out toxins, can help lower cholesterol, improve digestion, and are high in antioxidants. 

These five detox water recipes are only a handful of the many others you can try. The possibilities are endless. Add a couple of these ingredients to your water this summer and you (and your body) will not be disappointed. You'll not only feel refreshed but also content knowing that what you're putting in your body is benefiting you overall.