Easter is undoubtedly my favorite holiday when it comes to marketing for seasonal candy. Not only do grocery stores and pharmacies transform their seasonal aisles into bright spring meadows, but I am a firm believer that pastel-colored and egg-shaped chocolate is superior to your regular candy bar. Over the course of my life, I've enjoyed just about every Easter candy on the market, so here are the best goodies you should hop to the store for before the season ends.

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs

Nobody can convince me that a regular peanut butter cup tastes better than any holiday shape (whether that be hearts, pumpkins, or Christmas trees), but I firmly believe that this Easter variant is the best. A Reese's Egg has the perfect ratio between chocolate and peanut butter filling, and it's big enough that one egg is a satisfying dessert. 

2. Cadbury Mini Eggs

Most people think of Cadbury Eggs and imagine a huge chocolate ball with creme in the center, but those are in no way superior to their Mini Eggs, which I see as an elevated M&M. The chocolate quality of this treat is off the charts, and the candy coating just melts in your mouth. An underrated choice, but undoubtedly delicious.

3. Any Brand of Chocolate Bunny

It's finally time for the ideal classic Easter candy - the chocolate bunny. Whether you prefer milk or dark chocolate, this candy can do no wrong (it's solid chocolate after all!). While some may find the chocolate bunny a little too much of a classic, I give it points for longevity (I think I once made a chocolate bunny last until June). Also, if you don't eat the ears first, you're not doing it right. 

4. Jelly Beans

As you can probably tell, I'm not much of a fruit person when it comes to Easter candy. However, I must admit that there is something special about opening an Easter egg full of brightly-colored jelly beans. Jelly beans offer what chocolates don't - flavor variety. A combination of strawberry, lemon, or even marshmallow flavors pack a fun punch that is definitely needed in an otherwise sea of chocolate.

5. Peeps

Although you can find Peeps for any holiday, in my mind they will always be an Easter candy. The little yellow chicks and pink bunnies certainly make for a cute candy, but the problem with Peeps is something I hate even thinking- they're too sweet. A marshmallow literally covered in sugar may seem like a delicious bite, but the overwhelming sweetness makes it difficult to eat more than one. 

Now, run to the store and buy up all the Easter candy before the holiday is over - or better yet, wait until the day after and get it all on sale! Happy Easter, and happy spring, to everyone.