It's 11 pm and you have been struggling at the library to cram for your test the next day for the past 5 hours, and your stomach is grumbling so loud in sounds like an earth quake. Instead of focusing on math problems all you can think about is pizza and cheese burgers. You accidentally skipped dinner and now its effecting your studying and physical well being. Studies show that skipping meals can lead to a slower metabolism, lower blood sugar, and lack of nutrients which can make you feel groggy and weak. As a college student I am always on the go and realize the struggle of not having time to fit in a properly balanced meal. Instead, it can be easier and more convenient to replace a meal with a protein bar that can supplement the nutrients you need to stay alert and focused. Here are some of the best bars to replace a meal with every now and then.

1. Rx

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RX bar

No B.S is Rx's slogan and it couldn't be more accurate. With the ingredients listed on the front of the wrapper these egg white, fruit, and nut bars are made with all natural ingredients and leave out the harmful sugars. These gluten free, dairy free, and soy free come in 8 yummy flavors and will definitely curb your hunger.

2. Luna

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Yael Apt

Luna Bars are my personal favorite because they come in a wide variety of flavors and textures. They are gluten free and full of protein to keep you energized through out the day. They are a nutrition bar catered towards women with the right amount of vitamins to sustain an active lifestyle. Not to mention the chocolate dipped coconut flavor is to die for!

3. Kind

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Sabrina Kistler

With over 22 tasty flavors kind has many varieties of their fruit and nut combos. Nuts are chock full of protein and are great for filling you up when hungry. Kind bars are also a great option because they don't taste like a traditional protein bar due to nuts and fruit held together by yummy gooey deliciousness. If you are not a huge fan of protein bars, I suggest trying a kind bar and you will definitely change your mind.

4. Clif

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Emma Brant

Clif Bars are the best choice when looking to skip a meal because they are often higher calorie and more filling than the traditional protein bar. Made specifically for individuals who are highly active they provide the right nutritious value to give athletes the energy they need. They contain around 10g of protein and have many regular and seasonable flavors.

5. Think Thin

Think Thin bars are really great if you are looking for a low calorie tasty protein bar. They have around 10g of protein and 10g of fiber and are made with chia seeds, nuts and whole grains. The are very nutritious and a little bit of a lighter snack. They come in many flavors that have between 150-280 calories with some being better to replace a meal with than others.

6. Macro

Macro bars are cold-pressed and nut butter based high protein bars. They have more of a taffy like texture and are made of nutritious plant-based ingredients. They come in 11 different flavors and are pretty big in size even though they aren't to high in calories. These bars are also certified as raw, vegan, and organic making them a very good choice for healthy eaters.

7. Square

Square bars are cute little squares of yumminess. They are gluten free, dairy free, and soy free which are all inflammatory ingredients that can be unhealthy for certain types of body functions. Square bars come in a multitude of flavors and provide you with an organic protein filled bar.  

8. Balance

Balance Bars have many creamy and crunchy flavors that satisfy your taste buds in an amazing way. These bars have so many different flavors and are great sources of protein. They are balanced in nutritious and as a result of that will leave you with little food cravings and feeling full.

9. Quest

Quest bars are higher in protein and calories are are very good to eat on the go. They come in many unique flavors and have a soft texture. A fun fact about these bars, if you heat up the cinnamon roll flavor in the microwave for about 15 sec you get a bar that taste just like a warm and gooey cinnamon roll!

10. Kashi

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Audrey Mirabito

These bars resemble more of a granola type bar that mixes a lot of plant-powered ingredients all together. They come in chewy and crunchy textures and mix yummy ingredients like peanut butter, sea salt, and dark chocolate. They are high in protein and will make you feel energized and good for your long day ahead of you.