Today, macarons are becoming more and more popular and easier to find thankfully. They're cute, delicate, they come in all different flavors, and they look just like pretty patties!  This traditional French pastry can be found in places such as local bakeries or even at the nearest Sam's Club.  This can be dangerous though, because macarons can be pretty costly for a number of reasons.  Splurging is fine every now and then, but you'll want to make sure that you're treating yourself to a macaron that's worth the cost!  Here's the top 10 macaron flavors and a few notable locations to get them from for when you're craving one of these tasty pastries. 

10: Almond

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Ana Cvetkovic

Yes, almond flavor is amazing.  So why is it in the 10th rank you ask?  Well almond is a major component of traditional macarons, so almond flavor is very basic.  I don't know about you, but when it comes to macarons, I want a flavor as exotic as the pastry.  Where's the creativity?  That's not to say that almond isn't delicious; That's why it's apart of the top 10, after all.  Sometimes simple is nice!  Since this is a basic flavor, you can find it at most bakeries mentioned more in depth later in this article.  Some of the best bakeries include Chantal GuillonOlivia Macaron, Macaron by Patisse, Bunjour Bakery, and Le Detroit Macaron.

9: Mint Chocolate 

A classic holiday season flavor for those of us that enjoy minty desserts.  Since this boujee take on Thin Mints isn't for everyone, it's more toward the bottom of the list.  For those of us who enjoy the combination of decadent dark chocolate and refreshing mint, bringing this pastry to your next holiday party would be the ultimate power move.  Macarons by Patisse features this flavor along with many other lovely combinations.  Additionally, Patisse offers baking classes, catering, and worldwide shipping.  Bunjour BakeryDana's Bakery, and Olivia Macarons also offer this flavor. 

8: Lavender 

Personally, I believe floral flavors were made for macarons.  It only makes sense that the most delicate cookies should be flavored with the most delicate things found in nature. This sweet floral taste is perfect for a spring day, or a tranquil evening with a hot cup of chamomile tea.  As long as you aren't one of those people that think lavender tastes like soap, munching on one of these babies will truly make you feel like you've been teleported to a lavender field in France.  At Macaron by Patisse, lavender white chocolate is close to the very top of their list of varieties!  Olivia Macarons, Bunjour Bakery, and Le Detroit Macaron offer these flavors as well. 

7: Fruity Pebbles

I cannot stress to you enough how imperative it is that you experience more cereal flavored desserts.  Fruity Pebbles in macarons is a true game changer.  Not only are they so cute and colorful, but they've also got that nostalgic fruity flavor that every kid loves, unless you're team Cocoa Pebbles.  At Honey & Butter Macarons, not only is the flavor precious, but the bakery itself if absolutely adorable as well. Honey & Butter specializes in the intricate designs and the sweetest flavors. Unless you're fortunate enough to reside in the beautiful state of California, you're going to need to visit Honey & Butter the next time you're traveling through Cali because the only two branches they've got are both in California.  Luckily, there are a few other locations that deliver this flavor nationwide: Olivia Macaron, Maca, and Le Detroit Macaron.

6: Lemon Meringue

If you're a fan of sweet and sour foods, this is the cookie for you.  There are many ways to make a lemon macaron, but the best by far is a toasted meringue filling and a lemon curd center.  The airy shell of the macaron directly complements the fluffy meringue and the citrusy curd for a flavor explosion.  If you're ever in NYC, I recommend making a stop at Dana's  Bakery, because it's breathtakingly precious.  With over 90 different flavors and combinations, Dana's is like the Jelly-Bellies of macarons. In addition to ordering nationwide from Dana's, you can also order this luscious lemon variety from Olivia Macaron, La FournetteLe Detroit Macaron, Bunjour Bakery, and many other local bakeries.

5: Matcha

Tea goes so well with delicate pastries like macarons.  So why not make matcha macarons? The earthy green tea flavor goes well in a white chocolate ganache filling, to help you find your zen in this crazy adventure called life.  Maca Macarons of Boston Massachusetts is a sweet business in which the macarons are custom made.  Additionally, all of their sweet treats are freshly homemade from scratch in small batches.  They've got plenty of flavors besides matcha; in fact, they have an option to request your own flavor if they don't already have it in stock! 

4: Coffee

Not a fan of tea?  Not a problem!  There are all sorts of different coffee inspired macarons.  From caramel macchiato or mocha to straight up espresso. The possibilities for us as coffee lovers is endless.  Bunjour Bakery is another pastry place that goes above and beyond with adorable designs on their macarons.  Imagine munching on a mug shaped, coffee flavored macaron... In California.  Yes, this is yet another amazing bakery that you've got to be in California in order to try.  Coffee is a very common flavor to find in virtually all bakeries that feature macarons, and ship nationwide.  To name a few, Olivia Macaron, Dana's Bakery, and Maca make mean-mocha-macarons, and La Fournette makes exquisite espresso macarons.    

3: Rose

If la vie en rose was a food, this would be it.  I get that many people think rose essence tastes perfumey, but if rose essence was made for any food, it'd be macarons.  Two of the most elegant and fancy gifts that one can receive, combined into one, for the ultimate treat.  Sinking your teeth into one of these culinary masterpieces will make you feel like you're in the heart of Paris.  Chantal Guillon makes a lovely Persian rose macaron with a pretty pink rose essence ganache.  Chantal Guillon offers tons of different package deals on macarons including macaron towers, fancy customized decorations, and more.  Unsurprisingly, Olivia makes this flavor as well.

2: S'more

Again, Olivia Macarons also serves s'more flavor. This business is a cute store started by a woman, Claudia Lopez, who named the bakery after her daughter, Olivia.  Today, there are three locations in the US:  Washington D.C, McLean, VA, and Bethesda, MD.  Don't be too concerned if there isn't one near you, because they also ship nation wide!  The macaron's meringue based shell is beautifully complemented by a toasted marshmallow filling, a graham cracker crumble, and finished with a chocolate drizzle.  All of these components add up to make one of the absolute best macaron varieties out there.  The amazing Dana's Bakery makes this flavor too.

1: Pistachio

Here it is, folks! First place in the ranking of the top 10 macaron flavors and where to get them.  Pistachios are lovely and light to create a deliciously delicate pastry.  Olivia Macaron and Bunjour Bakery, as mentioned earlier, have lovely pistachio macarons.  Also, La Fournette in Chicago, Illinois have some of the best, authentic Parisian macarons in the United States.  Made with quality ingredients and almonds shipped straight from California, you know these sweet treats are worth the hype.  Not only are their ingredients pure and free of preservatives, but they're also made by highly trained master baker, Pierre Zimmermann.  They've got multiple other flavors, if pistachio isn't your style and they also ship nation wide!

The Verdict

Macarons can be ordered from sweet shops all over the country.  Although macarons are notorious for being difficult to make, I  recommend giving it a shot. Practice makes perfect, and how cool would it be to be in control of the color and flavor of your macaron?  My favorite basic recipe for Persian Macarons can be found in Dorie Greenspan's "Baking Chez Moi".  If you're new to the world of macarons, this list is meant to help you get started on your flavor journey. If you've made it to the end of the list of the top 10 macaron flavors and where to get them, you're either hyped up about what kinds you'd like to try first, or you're ticked that your favorite flavor didn't make it on this list.  Remember: rankings are based on opinions, so don't be afraid to try new things!