One fateful night I was craving for a warm cup of hot chocolate, and what I found changed my life forever.

I currently attend Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, and for some people, the weather here around this time of year may be nothing but a walk in the park. But for me, coming from the Bahamas, 60 degrees is freezing.

One night, I was all alone in my dorm, when I felt a sudden urge for a cup of hot chocolate. It was completely out of nowhere. 

We aren't allowed kettles in our dorm.

All I had was a tap, a plastic cup, and a microwave. Despite that, I knew deep inside that no matter, what I was going to have a cup of hot chocolate that night.

By some stroke of luck, I remembered that I had received a mysterious bag of hot chocolate from a campus expo I attended a while back. 

To this day I can only vaguely remember the person giving me the package saying that the sweet chocolate powder was some kind of foreign import. But I thought little of it then.

That fateful night I made my first makeshift cup of hot cocoa.

And my, oh my, when I took that first sip, it was heavenly.

It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. A flavor so rich and smooth it could only have been handcrafted.

With every sip, I cursed myself for not paying closer attention to the type of hot chocolate I was given. With every sip, I cursed the clear plastic baggie that gave not even the slightest hint as to where I could get more of that powdered gold.

It was was like locking eyes with a beautiful person in a foreign place, falling instantly in love, and then leaving knowing that you would never see that person again.

To this day I have never found my hot chocolate soulmate, but I will never give up the search. Even if I have to try every cup of hot cocoa ever created, we will be reunited one day.