Everyone is talking about CBD these days. What is it and why is it so popular? Firstly, CBD stands for cannabidiol. It’s a cannabis compound that doesn’t get you high (because there’s no THC) and has a wide range of medical benefits. In fact, it’s been used to help people with arthritis, anxiety, epilepsy, inflammation and other disorders. Derived from the hemp plant, it’s become super popular for brands to create CBD products using hemp extract to boost their health appeal.

Because of this, I decided I would try some hemp/CBD products to see what all the hype was about. I did my research and tested three different CBD products: coconut bites, granola bars and cooking oil.

Weller's Coconut Bites

Gabriela Blanco

To start, I tested Weller’s single serving coconut bites. Weller is a trendy snack company based in Boulder, Colorado that uses hemp extract to make wholesome, healthy snacks. I tried their original, dark chocolate, and caramel flavored coconut bites. One serving contains 25 mg of CBD, and they're conveniently gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan.


Gabriela Blanco

The first flavor I sampled were the original coconut bites. Each single serving pack had five small, round bites, the perfect size for a snack. And though they looked like they would be soft and chewy like a granola bar, these bites were crunchy and crumbly like a Chips-Ahoy cookie (but way healthier). On top of that, the bites had a strong coconut flavor, giving them a welcomingly sweet tang.

Dark Chocolate:

Gabriela Blanco

The dark chocolate bites were less sweet because of the bitter dark chocolate chips but were just as delicious. I would consider them more of an after dinner dessert because of the chocolate aspect, but that’s just me. You can totally enjoy them as a snack if that’s your thing.

Gabriela Blanco

Finally, I tried the caramel bites, which tasted pretty similar to the original coconut bites. They were sweet and coconutty, but maybe a little more sugary because of the caramel. Yet, the sweetness wasn’t cloying to the point where I couldn't finish the pack. Overall then, Weller’s coconut bites were a delicious, filling and healthy snack. I felt energized for hours after eating them, and I knew I was caring for my body because of the CBD’s medicinal properties.

Lärabar Granola Bar

Gabriela Blanco

Next, I tried the organic Larabar granola bar with hazelnut, hemp, and cacao. This bar, also brimming with the health benefits of hemp, was extra gooey and chewy because of the dates used to give the bar its structure. Yet, it was also crunchy because of the nuts and hemp seeds. It has the perfect textural balance. The bar iss also perfectly balanced in flavor by the sweetness of the cocoa powder and bitterness of the cacao seeds. I had this bar several days as a snack before going to the gym, and it gave me all the energy I needed to get through my workout. It was a bit more filling than the coconut bites, so I would recommend it for days when you are hungrier than usual.

Nutiva Hemp Oil

Gabriela Blanco

Finally, I tried Nutiva’s cold-pressed hemp oil, meant for making smoothies, pastas, vegetables, salads, and other dishes that require oils. I used it in my salad dressings and to roast vegetables like zucchini, eggplant and brussels sprouts. All in all, I tasted no difference in my food. I could have just as easily used olive oil and my food would have tasted the same. I took that as a good thing, because it means I can eat the same delicious-tasting food but with the added health boost of CBD.

Overall, I would say CBD/hemp products are worth the hype. They don’t add any funky flavor to your food and are a healthy addition to your diet. And although I haven’t immediately developed any superpowers from this superfood, I’m sure if I keep incorporating hemp/CBD into my diet I'll eventually reap their benefits. Better yet, the CBD products I chose are accessible and affordable for any college kid. In fact, I found all three products available for online delivery, and you can find the Larabars and Nutiva oil in person at Whole Foods. Even better, the Weller bites come at $15 for multi-serving packs, the Larabars are $1.99 each, and the Nutiva oil was only $9.39. This may sound like a lot for some snacks and oil to a budgeting student, but the Larabars are even cheaper when bought in bulk and the Weller bites and hemp oil can last for months if you eat the recommended serving sizes.

Now that I did my research, trust me and stock your pantry with these CBD products. It’ll be worth it!