With the endless pizza options in Chicago, restaurants have to fight to stand out from the pack. Parlor Pizza Bar does exactly that by creating a fun, popular environment that has a menu that everyone will appreciate. With its pizza options, salads, sandwiches, and a variety of bar snacks, Parlor Pizza is a must when traveling to Chicago. 

While the savory foods and drinks will bring you in, the page long dessert menu might steal the show. It includes oreo cheesecake pie, cupcakes, whoopee pies, and their new Instagram sensation. What will really catch your attention is their Tacolato. That's right, the Tacolato.

What is it?

A Tacolato is gelato stuffed in a sweet waffle shell garnished with whipped cream and a variety of different toppings. It is the mastermind dessert creation of Parlor Pizza Bar and is available in the restaurant or at the Dessert Dealer, their walk-up dessert counter. Whether you're in it for the Instagram or the epic taste, you won't be disappointed.

The Inside Scoop:

You can choose from 6 Tacolatos creations or customize your own. You can choose among three waffle shells (double chocolate, white chocolate, or confetti sprinkle), their current gelato flavors, and countless toppings that range from fresh strawberries to crunchy hazelnuts to sour rainbow airheads.

Natalia Klisch

Limited Edition Gold Digger:

For the whole month of March, Parlor Pizza has a limited edition Tacolato called the Gold Digger. The Gold Digger is a while chocolate waffle shell filled with sour apple gelato. The dessert is then topped with whipped cream, crisp apple slices, sweet caramel sauce, salted pistachios, festive green sprinkles, and, that's right, edible gold leaves. 

Natalia Klisch

I was scrolling through my Instagram page when I saw a picture of the Gold Digger Tacolato and immediately knew I had to go and get one myself. When I ordered the Gold Digger, it was nothing short of how it was portrayed on Parlor Pizza's Instagram page. With every bite, the explosion of different flavors and textures blew my mind. It is the perfect combination of flavors and an easy way to get a beautiful Instagram.

The Gold Digger goes away at the end of March, so don't miss out. However, you can enjoy the regular Tacolato flavors anytime. There's a new way to celebrate #tacotuesday.