Summer is here and you know what that means—it's rosé season. This light and breezy wine is made when the juice of red wine is strained from it's skin before it becomes too dark. Rosé recently climbed up the ladder to claim it's spot as the perfect summer wine. Now, the season is just not complete until you're lounging on a chaise by the pool in your favorite swimsuit, sipping a glass of delicious rosé.

Summer isn't just for sipping on rosé, though. We all have that one particular summer clothing item that we have to rock all summer long. Whether it's your swimsuit or another favorite piece, here's which rosé you should be drinking according to your favorite summer staple. 

1. Denim Shorts : Zifandel Rosé

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Just like denim shorts, this rosé is probably the most popular style of rosé sold in the United States in terms of volume. It ranges in flavor from cotton candy, to lemon, strawberry to green melon. Its sweet palate makes it a fan favorite. Just like denim shorts, it is also very affordable. You're definitely getting a bang for your buck with this wine.

2. White jeans : Pinot Noir Rosé

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This delicately fruity wine is considered the queen of the vineyard. Sensitive in nature, the grapes this rosé are made from are very volatile and cannot stand extreme weather. Likewise, white jeans are definitely the divas of the summer season. You shouldn't wear them before memorial day, and you shouldn't wear them after labor day. They also have to be tended to just as delicately. Get a stain on white jeans day and it turns you sour for the rest of the day. This earthy but elegant wine is sure to bring and cool and subtle taste to your tastebuds and make you feel super classy!

3. Crop top : Grenache Rosé

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This fruity wine has a lot of color and body to offer, just like crop tops. Crop tops come in many different colors, patterns and styles and can be the perfect addition to any outfit, dressed up or dressed down. No wonder it's a summer clothing staple for many. 

4. Sun dress : Mouvèrde Rosé

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With hints of violet and rose petals, this floral wine is sure to bring a terrific sensation for your tastebuds. Grown in the south of France, the grapes for this wine can contain flavors of cherries, dried herbs and even meat. If you are a fan of sun dresses, this wine is for you! Sun dresses have a lot to offer. Perfect for the beach, a walk in the park, or a night out partying with friends. Day or night, they are a great addition to your summer wardrobe. Can't you just picture yourself somewhere on the mediterranean in your favorite sun dress sipping a glass of mouvèrde rosé? I'm sure you can.

5. Swimsuit : Provence Rosé

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This wine is the best of the best. I like to describe this wine as the necessity of the rosé family just as a swimsuit is to summer.  This lean wine is perfect for those who like nothing more than being in a swimsuit all summer long. From the Provence region, this wine is made from multiple styles of rosé like Syrah Rosé, Grenache and even Mouvèrde. With aromas of watermelon and strawberry, this refreshing wine conquers all dishes. Meats, Fish, burgers? It's a match made in heaven for all. 

6. Sunglasses : Syrah Rosé

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This American wine is definitely for those who like to switch up their sunglasses every day during the summer. With deeper colors and a fuller body than its counterparts, and flavors ranging from green olive to cherry, this rosé is just as fun as you!

7. Cover up : Tavel Rosé

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Love a cover up? Tavel Rosé is for you. This wine is said to be a favorite of the most beloved writer, Ernest Hemingway. Just like a cover up, this wine has a lot more structure and character than its bros. So get ready to grab your favorite Hemingway, wrap yourself up in your favorite cover up and drink some delicious Tavel rosé.

All rosé is good rosé, but wouldn't it be delightful to drink the rosé that is closely aligned with your favorite summer staple? You'll be sure to love it even more.