I have been looking for a one of a kind Halloween costume this year- and I think I just found it. This candy mogul is celebrating the return of their Zombie Skittles with a socially distant costume. Skittles designed the costume to replicate their well-known packaging with a 6-foot wide frame. The part that has me stunned is the ‘Zombie Mode’ button hidden on the wrist of the costume; when this button is pressed it releases the smell of rotten zombies. You read that right, THE SMELL. I am officially intrigued.


Skittles fans can win this limited-edition costume by entering to win here from October 19 until October 23. Winners will be selected at random on October 26, and the costume will be shipped directly to their home in time for Halloween. To make this candy even more exciting, the company has hidden zombies in each pack. With these Skittles, you will not only taste the rainbow, but you will also be eating a few pieces that are tainted with soil and decay. Skittles fans can #DareTheRainbow and prove they can eat this candy by tagging the instagram. Sounds delicious, I think.