The grocery aisle is filled with different yogurt options, but you can save yourself the time by just picking up Icelandic Provisions Skyr. Skyr is like yogurt, except that it contains a lot more milk, which results in a thicker product. Skyr has less sugar, more protein, and bolder flavor than your average yogurt and is truly a healthy snack alternative. 

The Taste  

Even though it has the same amount of sugar as other Skyr varieties, Icelandic Provisions has a stronger flavor. I have tried every flavor, and my favorites have to be coconut (which has real coconut flakes) and raspberry. 

Health Benefits  of Icelandic Provisions

Even though Icelandic Provisions is low in calories, it is loaded with protein. All of the Icelandic Provisions flavored Skyr have 15g of protein, and the plain has 17g. This high protein content will help keep you satisfied throughout the day. Skyr also has lots of calcium to keep those bones strong

Flavors and Ideas on How to Eat Icelandic Provisions

Key Lime Skyr: Add blueberries and graham crackers for a spin on key lime pie. 

Coconut Skyr:  Peanut Butter Coconut Skyr Pancakes. Enough said.

Plain Skyr: Make a salad dressing.

Vanilla Skyr: Use as a base for the perfect parfait.

Black Cherry Currant Skyr: So much flavor you just need a spoon.

Strawberry Lingonberry Skyr:  Try Strawberry Skyr Cupcakes.

Peach Cloudberry Skyr: Add to grilled peaches and top with granola.

Blueberry Bilberry Skyr: Make a mock-cheesecake.

Raspberry Skyr: Use a filling for crepe or Icelandic pancake.

Where To Find Icelandic Provisions

Icelandic Provisions can be found at any Whole Foods, Hy-Vee, Meijer, Sprouts, and Safeway, just to name a few places. Check your local supermarket, because it just may pop up on the shelves. 

Icelandic Provisions flavorful and healthy. It works for any meal, any time of day. This Skyr has protein to keep you full for hours along with all the flavor you know and love. If Icelandic Provisions isn't already in your fridge, clear up some space.