Almost every time I read about the Scandi Sense Diet, the biggest draw seems to be its simplicity. This portion-based diet overrides diet stigmas of gross food and calorie counting; instead, it promotes mindful eating. 

Dieting can get in the way of life, but this diet doesn't require many adjustments. The adjustments it does require are... well, simple. Lord knows how tough it is to balance a restrictive diet, workout regimen, and everything else going on in life. I'm usually not into diets, but after reading about this one, I may have to give it a go!

The Backstory

The Scandi Sense Diet was introduced by Danish dietitian Suzy Wengel, who wrote the book after personal experimentation with weight loss. It took her about 17 years to concoct the perfect weight loss formula — 88 pounds lighter, she found the answer! She compiled all of her insights into a book, and now it's making its way into the United States. 

What Does "Scandi Sense" Mean?

It's probably just what you think it means: 'Scandi' is short for Scandinavian, which is where the diet originated (Wengel was born in Denmark, which is part of Scandinavia). Wengel tacked on 'sense' after Scandi because the diet is supposed to be common sense regarding the types of food and portions we consume. 

How Does The Diet Work?

The basic gist of Scandi Sense is that you continue to eat the types of food you usually eat, but you are more careful about it. So if you usually eat spaghetti & meatballs, you'd add a serving (or 2) of veggies to the sauce and eat a little less pasta than you usually do. It's about willpower and moderation. So far, so good! 

Another key component of the diet is using handfuls to control your portions. Every meal should be made up of four handfuls of food: two handfuls of vegetables, one handful of protein, one handful of carbs, and you're allowed a spoonful of fat. This is where the adjustment comes into play, but it's not too difficult compared to most diets. 

Is There Any Food That Is Off Limits?

Now we're asking the real questions! In her book, Wengel says that Scandi Sense is "more of a lifestyle than a diet." There aren't many foods that are off limits, but it's strongly encouraged that you avoid super fattening foods, sweets, and other junk foods like chips. 

What Are Some Examples Of Scandi Sense Meals?

Breakfast: Two eggs, sautéed spinach leaves, sliced tomatoes, feta, and a slice of whole grain toast OR sliced ham, lightly seasoned breakfast potatoes, arugula, and charred asparagus with lemon zest. 

Lunch: Tuna & black beans, romaine lettuce, broccoli florets,  and black olives served open-faced on toasted rye bread OR Grilled chicken, roasted cauliflower, sautéed green beans, and a light pasta salad. 

Dinner: Steak, onion & mushroom medley, caramelized carrots, and rosemary-garlic smashed potatoes OR baked chicken, sweet potato, cauliflower & broccoli medley, and quinoa drizzled lightly with olive oil. 

Ready, Set, Go!

It really is that simple, after all. It's normal to have moments of weakness, so don't beat yourself up too much if you get a rocky start. The important part is learning how to exercise your willpower while making healthy choices for your body. 

The Scandi Sense Diet is beefing up the competition for best Insta pics, so now's the time to jump on the bandwagon. Good luck in your endeavors. Remember — keep it simple!