As the amount of lifestyle bloggers on Instagram seems to increase on the daily, so has the overwhelming amount of Açaí bowls showcased on these pages. When I scroll through my explore page on Instagram, I see pictures of puppies, Tasty videos, women posing in the newest spring styles, and the latest healthy food trends. These things are what some would call "basic", as in doing or eating what you see on social media in an effort to be artsy. 

Based on my experience on Instagram, Açaí bowls are among the most popular thing to post, due to their pretty colors and healthy appearance. Many people seem to think that Açaí bowls are only eaten by young adult girls who use them for the cute Snapchat story or likes on Instagram, and therefore it is shunned by people who refuse to conform to the "basic" lifestyle.

As a lover of açaí, it is true that whenever I walk into my favorite juice store, there is an overwhelming amount of women in there. No men, kids, or grandmas, just college girls and young moms. I think that this needs to change. 

Açaí bowls are nothing short of delicious. The sweet, smoothie base topped with the crunch of granola is a perfect breakfast, mid afternoon, or any time of day snack. What I love most about them is the variety of Açaí bowls that you can get. No two bowls are ever exactly the same, which is the best thing about it. Every store has their own toppings, whether it be coconut flakes, peanut butter, fresh fruit, chia seeds, or granola. Every bite I take out of my bowl is different than the one before, making it that much better.

You can get a fruit-heavy bowl to help your sweet tooth or a protein based bowl filled with healthy fats and lots of organic, nut based protein. This is the perfect way to fit in your daily serving of fruit and antioxidants, which promote healthy skin and increase energy. These flavor filled bowls of happiness are not only a good alternative to a bowl of ice cream or cereal, but they are so versatile that it is hard to get sick of them. So basically, it is up to you to create your perfect bowl of superfood. 

Hattie Swank

So, next time you are looking for a new, healthy, meal, don't be scared off by the "basic" girls swarming the juice store. Walk yourself in there and order your Açaí bowl, and I promise you it will change your life.