Coffee, the juice which gives us life in the mornings, has been praised but also has been judged as a vice for most people. However, coffee is actually good for you, and can help aid in a better workout, as it is a naturally occurring stimulant found in leaves, nuts, seeds and plants.

coffee before and after your workout

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For those who drink a cup of coffee before their daily workout, they are gaining more functional benefits, as coffee is a secret superfood, and gives you better circulation 75 minutes up to drinking it, allowing more oxygen to the muscles which they need for a better workout.

coffee before and after your workout

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Coffee also aids to reduce muscle pain during intense workouts, as well as muscle preservation and muscle fuel. Thus, coffee can preserve your fitness, and allows an athlete to exercise harder and longer. The biggest advantage for those who drink coffee before a workout is it helps the muscles start using fat as an energy source rather than carbohydrate sugars, which is taking and using more energy out of one’s body reserves.

coffee before and after your workout

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Coffee has been known to aid to numerous fitness benefits when consumed before a workout, as long as you ditch the cream and sugar. There are benefits such as aiding in fat loss, increasing one’s performance, and increasing one’s overall performance and durability during a workout.

In a recent study at University of Kent, it was found that caffeine reduces your perception of effort when working out, as well as improves your physical performance. By drinking a cup of coffee before you workout, it will help prevent muscle pain during and after your workout session.

coffee before and after your workout

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Turning towards the cup of coffee you might want after your workout, go for it. The myth of coffee dehydrating you is not true, unless you were to drink a ton of it. It is important not to have too much caffeine afterwards, but a cup of coffee could be what your body needs to reach maximum endurance during one’s workout, and aid to soreness after you worked hard.

Thus, instead of turning towards a protein pre-workout shake, or a hefty meal, turn towards a cup of coffee before and after your workout, as it is more beneficial than many think and can help reach those tough fitness goals.