You can’t deny that you shamelessly spend hours scrolling through decadent food Instagram accounts we all know and love. You’re only human. They exist for our satisfaction, and satisfy, oh they do. To overcome each craving or to indulge vicariously through the photos, these Instagram accounts never seem to fail us.

Mastering the art of the food Instagram is no easy feat, as we all probably know from the countless food photo shoots to get that perfect angle. These Instagram accounts have mastered the art and know how to make their way into our hearts, and more importantly, our stomachs.

If you need immediate gratification: @hungrybetches

food instagram

Photo courtesy of @hungrybetches on Instagram

She’s figured out the art of the foodstagram. The close up shots, hand held food, and the occasional bite taken out makes these photos and account one of the most internally fulfilling food Instagram accounts out there. One glance is all you need to surrender to the amazingness that is this account.

If you’re trying to be trendy: @new_fork_city

food instagram

Photo courtesy of @new_fork_city on Instagram

With all of the hottest food spots in New York featured on here, this account is sure to showcase the locations every wannabe foodie, city slicker, and trendsetter needs to have on their personal account. Not only does every dish look stupidly good, but there’s such a variety that it’s impossible for anyone to scroll through without stopping in admiration.

If you’ve got the college cravings: @freshmen15

food instagram

Photo courtesy of @freshmen15 on Instagram

The name of this account says it all. The late night munchies are a real thing in college, and this account is every student’s best friend in those dire times. Next time you’re leaving the library after studying for hours and have a desperate hunger hankering, look no further. Your wish is this account’s command.

If you’re feeling extra healthy: @cleanfooddirtycity

food instagram

Photo courtesy of @cleanfooddirtycity on Instagram

You’re trying out this new ‘healthy’ thing and need an emotional support system. This account is the one that’s going to stand by your side during the hard transition. Clean ingredients, white backdrops, and perfectly plated colorful food is exactly what you need to keep your mind at ease while your stomach is screaming for pizza.

If you want something aesthetically pleasing: @caitsplate

food instagram

Photo courtesy of @caitsplate on Instagram

Look no further for something that’s going to be easy on the eyes and the stomach. The perfectly nutritionally balanced meals showcased on this account meet the flawless combination of veggies, carbs, and protein everyone strives for in a meal. This account is simply easy to look at and the homemade vibe makes you feel like you’re sitting ’round the dinner table at home.

If you want to embrace your inner chef: @buzzfeedtasty

food instagram

Photo courtesy of @buzzfeedtasty on Instagram

Despite all your failed kitchen attempts, cooking just isn’t your forte. But thankfully this account is here to the rescue. These 15-second videos sum up and simplify every recipe or hack you’ve ever wanted to know. Your next dinner party is going to be the talk of the town with all of the bite size snacks and hors d’oeuvres sent from the food gods aka Buzzfeed.

If you want college food hacks and tips: @spoonuniversity

food instagram

Photo courtesy of @spoonuniversity on Instagram

If you’re a college student – or any college town aficionado, for that matter – then this is the account for you. With updates on all the best brunch spots in town, every kitchen hack you could ever possibly need, or tips on how to make the most of your dining hall’s mediocre-at-best selection, this account is your knight in shining armor. You can kiss the first time making your own food struggles and cafeteria dinner blue’s goodbye, all thanks to Spoon.

Great work, Instagram. You done good.