They do exist! Ads aren't just meant to be skipped. There are some ads that one genuinely want to watch a number of times, sometimes more than our wedding tapes. Check them out:

1. Cadbury: Shubh Aarambh

Ignoring the fact how unsafe it is to talk to strangers, this ad makes us believe that good pick up lines do exist. It makes us want to eat Cadbury and thank mothers for making a group decision about what advises to give. It also makes us want to follow up on their story. What happened after this? Did he actually drop her or ran away with a free bite? Its a mystery.

2. Pepsi: Youngistan

This ad can easily be a trailer for a movie. And we all would want to watch that movie. The jingle ‘ye hai youngistan meri jaan’ was stuck in my head just like the Tripledent Gum Commercial Song was stuck in Riley's head in the movie Inside Out. Pepsi was really able to catch a major section of the society, that is, the youth and all those people who would want to be associated with the youth. So, almost everybody? Well played Pepsi. 

3. Oreo: Father Goals

There are very less ads which capture a father-daughter relationship where the daughter isn’t a liability to be married (*cough* most matrimonial ads) or the father isn’t a ticking treasure (*cough* most Life Insurance ads). Oreo is thus a happy snack for everybody. This also makes a one layer biscuit interesting, by simply introducing a step-by-step method to eat it. The advertisers particularly kept in mind the rebels who will definitely not lick, twist and dump in the particular order. But they will buy the biscuit to show their rebellion. So who really won?

4. 5 Star: Ramesh Suresh

Ramesh and Suresh may not be son goals but they are definitely brother goals. And 5 Star has a huge role to play in their relationship because it makes both of them forget. Ramesh doesn’t rat out Suresh and vice versa when their father asks them about his pants.

5 Star is actually giving two very important lessons. First, to control our temper and forget about petty issues. Second, to make what you got, fashion. #SaveClothesWhereNothing.

5. Bournvita: Learning

The message of the ad is pretty clear. That one should focus on learning and not marks. The underlying goal of the ad is to say screw you to all the competitive brands who are focusing on exams.

Winter is coming and so is the exam season. But what the ad has done is that, it has increased the focused time period of the brand. Drink Bournvita. Every Day. 365 Days. Except in Leap Years. For obvious reasons.

6. Nirma Namak: Bach Gaye

This is the cutest ad I have ever seen. I always wondered what will happen if the salt and veggies didn't get along. When the bad salt attacked and Onion became SRK, it made me realise the importance of Nirma. I would never want my veggies to take such an extreme step. Good Salt is their birth right, and they shall have it. Isn't the happiness of our little veggies a sigh of relief and the only thing we want at the end of the day?

7. Coca Cola: Umeed Vaali Dhoop

Umeed vaali dhoop is my go to ad which makes me positive. Just like Julie and Julia is my go to movie which makes me fall in love with life again. I remember I used to always have a smile on my face when this ad was on.

Objective: To not promote their product but brand.

Proof: The fact that many of us still remember it after almost four years and love to sing/shout out the song.

Conclusion: The rumours are true. The heart does want to stay happy.

Damn, the ad got me all enthusiastic. I am getting a coke. Don't wait up.