It's that time of year again. Passover calls for a complete family gathering, an hour-long feast and an unlimited supply of Jewish food staples (most importantly, Manischewitz).

But for us carb-loving college students, finding a way to beat the cravings can be quite the struggle.  Here's a fool proof guide guaranteed to help you creatively survive all eight days of Passover while on campus.

1. If you're craving pizza:

File:Matzo pizza.jpg

Image from WikiCommons

Whether it's for a quick bite or a full on drunk binge, college campuses are notorious for their pizza options. While it's not the same as real dough, when made properly, Matzoh pizza can be a great option. 

2. If you're craving cake:

Let's face it, cake is a beautiful thing. However, by taking a piece of matzoh, smothering it in Nutella (or any type of frosting - your choice) and adding some sprinkles, you'll find yourself with a satisfying (and low-calorie) snack until the official end of the holiday. 

3. If you're craving avocado toast: 


This one is for the most basic of committed Passover-keepers. If you simply cannot go 8 days without your favorite trendy snack, mash some avocado on a piece of matzoh, add a fried egg, and whatever else you're craving, and enjoy a Passover-friendly alternative

4. If you're craving a good snack:

Chances are, your go-to snacks are probably on the list of foods to avoid this week. But with a little creativity, matzoh can provide the perfect platform for satisfying snacking. Try topping a piece with some peanut butter and a banana for a protein-packed bite. 

5. If you're craving French toast:

It can be hard to give up breakfast staples like pancakes and french toast. However, traditional matzo brei can be just as good.  Check out Food Network's quick and easy recipe below, and add a ton of your own toppings too!

6. If you're craving a bagel:

Us Jews know firsthand the importance of a classic bagel. Sadly, the carb-loaded food is 100% off-limits. Luckily, if you use enough cream cheese (and lox, duh), you may just be able to trick yourself into forgetting it's only matzoh under there.

7. If you're craving dessert:

Unfortunately, cookies, brownies and cupcakes are not Passover-approved. However, chocolate-covered matzoh is! By covering a piece in chocolate and/or caramel, you have an easy, delicious way to beat your sweet-tooth.

8. If you're craving pasta:

Pasta is a carb-lovers' absolute staple. While it may be a bit more difficult to make, matzoh-lasagna is the perfect alternative. Check out Martha Stewart's amazing recipe below and get cooking. 

The good news is, celebrating Passover now means next week's carb-binge is well-deserved and heavily encouraged!