Whether it’s parents’ weekend or your family is just visiting, Gainesville has more than enough restaurants to try out with your family. Don't restrict your parents to Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and Chipotle bowls when you can add a local twist to your parents’ weekend getaway with some Gainesville food!

Here is a must-try foodie guide to taking your parents around Gainesville. From breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you will always find a place to satiate your appetite.

Breakfast: Egg-cellent Choices

Luke’s New York Bagels

Luke’s has everything bagels and every-type-of bagel you could imagine. You might be overwhelmed by the long lines at 9 A.M., but it’s completely worth it. They really put the "New York" in Bagels. As you order from the small red shack, you will see bakers in the kitchen preparing hundreds of bagels for the day, slabbing cream cheese onto steaming bagels, and calling out orders. There’s a variety of sweet and savory options to choose from. Feelin' sweet? Pair a Cinnamon Raisin bagel with some maple walnut cream cheese for a treat that screams autumn. Each walnut crunch is a reminder of the crisp fall you are missing out on while in Florida.

Sydney Mills

More into savory? Try out the Asiago bagel with Bacon, Egg, and Cheese. This is the perfect combination of soft, crunchy, and hearty. The bacon itself is not the greasy mess you will find at other breakfast places. Its elegant glaze perfectly complements the fluffiness of the bagels and the stringiness of the cheese. The sunny atmosphere in this open-air spot will make your bagels glow.

Humble Wood Fire & BakerBaker

If you need a rich, hearty breakfast that you can eat on-the-go, look no further than Humble Wood Fire Bagel shop and BakerBaker. Situated in 4th Ave Food park, both of these eateries showcase an array of freshly baked goods that are anything but lackluster.

Humble Wood Fire Bagel shop is distinctive due to the medley of flavors interwoven into every one of their bagel sandwiches. The bread itself has a crispy, subtly cheesy exterior and an adequate amount of chewiness — two hallmarks of a great, well-rounded bagel (no pun intended). With such a substantial base, it is only natural for the varied creamy toppings and fillings to fuse together in harmony. If you feel like expanding your palate, an order of their rosemary salt bagel with plain cream cheese and a drizzle of local honey is a heavenly balance of sharpness and warm sweetness. It is worth noting that they offer vegetarian and vegan options, as well as side items that include a coconut parfait adorned with an orange carrot marmalade and mint whipped cream. Yes — for foodies, this is necessary information. 

Sydney Mills
Sydney Mills

As for BakerBaker, its charming storefront is indicative of the rustic treats laid out inside. Imagine a crumbly, decadent pastry to accompany that first cup of morning coffee. Here, you can indulge to your heart’s content as early as you please. One stand-out is their strawberry-matcha scone, which is stuffed with chunks of strawberry and coated with a streak of sugary glaze that has notes of green tea. Each bun, danish, croissant, and scone (the four major food groups) are displayed next to signs with flags that indicate their country of origin. From England to Norway, they have plenty of choices for those who feel drawn to the allure of a European-style breakfast. All items are made in-house and sell out quickly, so it is best to get there around opening time, which is 7 A.M.

Sydney Mills

Lunch: Muchin’ and Lunchin’

Sydney Mills

Satch Squared Pizza

From meat lovers to veggie medleys, there’s nothing you won’t like at Satch Squared. Located at 4th Ave. Food Park, their pizza resembles the perfect cookie: crispy around the edges with a soft middle that is bursting with flavor. My personal favorite is their chicken, bacon and ranch pizza, dappled with jalapeno bits that add the perfect kick to an otherwise savory treat. The thick crust crackles with each bite, beautifully complementing the fluffy dough that separates crisp layers and mouthwatering toppings. Satch Squared will steal a little pizza your heart.

Sydney Mills

If you aren’t a fan of pizza, there are plenty of other options at 4th Ave. If you need an afternoon pick-up, Opus Coffee is the perfect place to order a velvety coffee. Their coffee perfectly balances deep coffee tones with milky delicacy. There are a vast variety of flavors to choose from. Looking for some spice? Try their Mexican Mocha. This drink is exciting and will mocha you feel truly alive. Check out this article for more on Opus. On that note, Munecas is a great way to continue spicy pursuits. This Mexican restaurant will have you grappling with an abundance of flavors. From chimichurri to aioli, this will sauce up your day!

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After a long, arduous week of work and “struggle meals," nothing seems more appealing than the prospect of sitting down in a cozy place and being served a hot plate of food that tastes home-cooked. That is, with a culinary edge. Germain’s, a local, effortlessly chic chicken sandwich shop, specializes in exactly that. They have perfected the art of “dressing up” a comforting, American staple. As expected, you can’t go wrong with the “Classic," which is crunchy fried chicken nestled between a bed of pickles, lettuce, tomato and two airy brioche buns that are slathered with their tangy “Secret Sauce." For restaurant-goers who crave something with a kick to it, the kimchi-filled “Korean Fried Chicken” sandwich is an ideal choice. As soon as you walk through the doors, it becomes clear that an integral part of the “Germain’s” experience is taking in the beautifully decorated space. The bright, rose-colored walls lined with shelves of retro figurines and music paraphernalia are characteristic of this trendy spot.

Victoria Manrique
Emiliana Quiceno

Dinner: Dash to Dine

Spurrier's Gridiron Grill

If there is any place that puts Gainesville on the map as a gastronomic destination, it is, without a doubt, Spurrier’s Gridiron Grille. This slightly upscale, glossy sports bar is brimming with football regalia. Televisions are tastefully scattered throughout the restaurant, so families and sports aficionados are sure to find themselves entertained as they dine. From salads and soups to elaborate entrees, there is nothing you won’t find. There are a variety of vegetarian options as well, and smaller portions for any siblings that accompany your parents to Gainesville. Specifically, their twist on Spinach Artichoke keeps me coming back.

In addition, their locally sourced short ribs are sure to have your mouth watering. Make no misteak- Gainesville has its fair share of flavor, spice, and everything nice!

To top it all off, their bread pudding is a fluffy concoction of a light sweetness that will satiate your sweet tooth. This melt-in-your-mouth dessert is one of a kind, and a great way to end your Gainesville food journey.

If you are in town with a group of people, there can be no better conclusion to your weekend than an evening at Spurrier’s. Just don’t forget to order Jerri Spurrier’s chocolate chip cookies before you leave!

The Perfect Foodie Weekend

Gainesville can be quite deceiving. Its small-town vibes and construction projects might make it seem like there is nowhere to resort but Chipotle. However, there’s a reason why the Gators are always on the move. With a variety of flavors dappled around this college town, there’s always new places to explore and delicious food to be devoured.